This bag is 2 big!

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. It looks more like luggage to me!
  3. She needs to hem her pants as well !
  4. looks like she is traveling.
  5. She betta be traveling because she looks ridiculous with that bag! lol ...I love big bags myself but that looks just :lol: ridiculous....:lol:
  6. It's a bad thing when you can pack yourself away in your own handbag... that's a sign that your bag is too large
  7. I WANT her leather jacket!!!
  8. I dont know whats more scary, the massive birkin, or her facial expression. It sends shivers up my spine. Why would you want to look like you have had botox? or look like an alien?
  9. her hair makes me think of that alien vs. predator movie with that scary alien with weird tentacles coming out of its head.
  10. That bag is bigger than her!
  11. She looks like she's using the bag to carry all her "baggage"... Just odd proportions.
  12. hehe..I like her jacket, and her bag. She should really stop wearing this bag, too big for her, she should go for smaller size!
  13. her and that bag looks a mess.
  14. I think she is stunning :shame:
  15. stunning??? yikes...I think not. Stunning to me makes me think of soooooooo many other celebs.... oh and the bag...its horrible. (and I like my big bags...)
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