This Bag has Boobies!

  1. hee don't have to buy your boobies...they come with 'real' ones! very funny! they need some stuffing tho!
  2. Tsk, tsk ... stuffing the Boobies!!! Sorry, couldn't resist ... :biggrin:
  3. Yikes!
  4. I think I'm becoming deranged with all the overtime as of late ... I kind of like this bag in a strange :roflmfao: :blink: way!
  5. This bag definitely is a bit... hmm... not sure what the word is.... risque! I am not sure whether I like it or find it a little too boobesque.
  6. I asked about this bag in another post. I've got one coming to me soon (another ebay auction) and I'm looking forward to seeing it. But I'll probably sell it since I have too many black bags already and I really need a brown.
  7. Such a bizarre design.
  8. hahah that is so hilarious..
  9. HAHA> love it!
  10. boobies!! :roflmfao::roflmfao::lol: (sorry I just can't help it:shame:smile:
  11. LOL! I saw that picture last week and didn't notice the boobies. Now I see them. :shocked: :yes:
  12. :blink: interesting - i think thats all i can say at the moment!
  13. It reminds me of something Madonna would have worn as a bustier in the 1980's.
  14. :lol:HAHA I bet some lonely guy designed it..hubba hubba LOL:roflmfao::whistle: