This bag from Takashimaya

  1. :oh:
  2. i'm sorr i can't help u :sad: but it's a pretty bag
  3. Sorry I did a seach and couldn't find any new websites or leads. Good luck.
  4. No idea but I love that store!!
  5. Is there anyway you can call the store to see if they can locate any for you, if they have any other locations around the world? Do you think they have a store in Japan?

    Edit: Btw, the bag looks like it's bad with gorgeous, thick leather. If the straps were longer to fit the shoulder, I would have been completely sold.
  6. They have a Takashimaya in Singapore if that helps...
  7. I have a call into the store and they are looking...
  8. No call back from the SA... oh well!
  9. Takashimaya is a VERY old, highly respected top line department store in Japan.
    They are almost 24 hours ahead of us, so be patient IF they have to contact anyone in Tokyo relative to your request. FWIW...I would assume that the buying for their NYC store is done in Japan and not locally.
    If you haven't heard back in a day or two, call back again.
    Good luck and keep us posted.
    It is indeed a gorgeous bag - and top quality - in keeping with the stores image and reputation.