This auction makes me so sad!

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  1. OMG!!! Yuck. Who would want to buy that thing??
  2. poor lil bag.. :sad:
  3. wow, I can't imagine what the owner of that bag did with is in pretty sad shape
  4. Whoa, that is rough
  5. And the nerve to try to start the bid at $200 + !! WTF !
  6. ^ lol, I can't believe the seller would ask that much. I wouldn't even pay $20 for it!
  7. I guess some people are harder on their stuff than others...:Push:
  8. you know what auction makes me so sad... the one i just LOST@!!@ :cursing:argh I was bidding
    on a nude catania and someone swiped it right out from under me!!!! (if it was a tpf member we probably shouldn't talk for a while :cry:smile: does anyone want to sell one to me or tell me where to find one, haha it will repair my heart :crybaby:
  9. Awww, I'm sorry silverstar. We'll find you another one.
  10. ^^ thanks for the vote of confidence knasarae! i'm having serious issues with ebay lately... maybe it's a sign that i'm buying too often on there haha :shame:
  11. Another sad auction - I think this cheetha oxford has been BURNED?! Oh the humanity!

  12. That literally made my stomach sick. :sad: Poor little thing.
  13. O M G:wtf: :crybaby:!!!
  14. ^ OMG, they are trying to sell that sad thing???? Who in the world is going to buy it??!?