this amazing zac posen bag

  1. i'm in love with this bag since i saw it in mischa barton.
    anyone fell in love or have this bag?
  2. I am so in love with that bag and the Aurora!
  3. What a beautiful bag! I have seen his clothes, but never any of his bags. I love it!
  4. DeAnna, which is the aurora? can u post pics? thanks :P
  5. DeAnna!!! it's a cute bag! i love it! i love the retro clasp and the color is amazing! thanks!
  6. I just started a blog and was just about to blog about this bag for one of my first entries! It's GORGEOUS! And I get the impression that it's roomier than you would think from that picture.
  7. nerdphanie, please tell me your blog address :P
    i would love to see it! i'm also making a blog on bags that i liked.
    the address in in the bottom of my signature sign on my threads
  8. I LITERALLY just started it last night haha. I have around 5 posts now. I'm going full speed because it feels so empty. here: Check it out! i should put it in my signature i guess. i'm going to look at yours now :wlae:
  9. Love it!
  10. I love it!!!!! :nuts::love::heart: (Nooooo I can't want one!!! *purse ban* :crybaby:)
  11. Wow that's a very pretty bag :smile:!! It looks cool :biggrin:
  12. I love it too.. its really nice and I think it would be quite wearable
  13. so cute!!!
  14. DeAnna,can you please let me know if this burgundy/black color is still available or is it from last season ? Its beautiful i love the contrast.:heart: Thanx.