This addiction is beyond explanation. It's driving me crazy!!!

  1. I shouldn't have started buying b-bag. This addiction is just too much for me to handle. I can't stop thinking about b-bag. I have to look at my b-bag before bed and right after I wake up!! :Push: This is crazy!!!

    I never ever think I can buy more than one style of bag with different colors let alone same style but different size. Sometime I look at Mustard First picture and I want to cry and scream that I want this bag NOW!!! :shocked: I really really think I'm going insane!!!

    I start off with grey 06 First, then Ink City, then Magenta First then teal shoes bag, then Ink weekender. Grey 06 has bad quality so now I have store credit with Bal NY. I think I'll get cement First since the leather is great and it's off-white color that won't get dirty easily (except white stitch).

    Then yesterday, b-bag even drives me crazier!!!

    My DH, my friend and I planned to go into SF. So I called Susan's in SF and see if they have new bags coming in. They said they have black, cement, sapin, truffle and one red First. I really really want to see red but they can't hold it for me. I also called Susan's in Burlingames since it's on the way to SF. The girl there told me "oh yes, we have new bags. We sold 8 yesterday and only have 2 left! black and sapin." I just can't believe these bags just flying of the shelves!!

    So we went to the one in SF. OMG, the fire engine red First is just TDF!!! I had my Magenta with me in the bag (I don't want to use it yet since it's brand new and I'm not sure if I want to sell it). Both DH and my friend told me to get the red. The leather is gorgeous, smooth, soft, nice smell. It's beyond my expectation.

    However, I already have Magenta and I don't know if I want to get another bright color (since I want to save for Mustard). They still insisted that I should get it and maybe sell Magenta. So I did!!! :blink:

    I still cannot cannot believe what I just did yesterday. I couldn't even think it through yesterday. My DH had to inspect the bag for me to make sure the quality is good.

    After Susan's, DH still asked me if I want to go to NM to see more bags!!! I said "no". I didn't think I could take more b-bags yesterday. :sick:

    Then just now, I took pix of my Magenta since I might sell it. I looked at all the pix and I almost wanted to cry. I don't want to sell it!!! :cry: It looks so good in the pic that I was wearing it. The color is nice, soft and smooth.

    Now, I just don't know what to do... I never realize how difficult it is in deciding on a bag!! :huh:

    I'm sorry for long rambling... I just need to tell someone who understand what I'm going through. :Push:
  2. Ha! You should publish this--it's great. Don't sell your magenta. I periodically think about selling mine (because if I carry it when I'm going out with my DH, he always looks at it with such profound distaste (not my other b'bags--but he has a definite thing about the magenta) and then I talk myself out of it because it's such a special color that I think I'm just going to regret it if I do.
  3. I agree with Susan. Don't sell your Magenta. It's clear that you really love it. :yes:
  4. what a great story. this forum should come with some sort of warning about entering at your own risk.

    by the way, you need to post a pic of your teal shoebag in mimi's thread. we didn't know there was another one out there!
  5. The addiction is very hard to explain. But lately it has been making me feel kinda bad. Like, I should be spending this money on other things that are actually more important in my life. Shallow obsessing is so much fun, though! But since I sold my BELOVED 05 caramel box, I have realized that I could also bring myself to sell my Ink first, so I am mulling that over. It just feels so good to have that money in my savings account again. But it also feels so good to touch that leather........but a more practical side of myself has been emerging within the last two weeks and I have found myself enjoying my less expensive bags again. I feel like the whole "bag snob" thing I was feeling is sort of fading out of me.

    Sorry to be such a "downer." But I have gotten to the point where I am concerned about myself a little bit, with being obsessed with $1000+ handbags and not being filthy rich and all. If nothing else, all the money I am putting back into my savings will end up being spent on one of the new fall bags. It's my own personal account, I can spend it how I choose. I dunno. It's almost like Balenciaga bags are a virus and I have caught it, and I am almost better but I don't really want to be. I hope all of this rambling is making sense.
  6. I would never want to encourage anyone to deplete all their assets on handbags of all things--my post was based upon the assumption that this was discretionary income. I do think there are a lot of things that are more important than purses. That said, I got the impression that luvpurse was in a somewhat different position, but I may be wrong.
  7. Ditto for me.
  8. YOU HAVE B-BAG FEVER!!! isnt it great???? hehehehehe
  9. I only posted what I did in this thread because I can relate to feeling like the addiction is a power greater than yourself! To be clear, I was not talking about anyone but myself. I whole-heartedly understand that everyone else here for the most part, can buy these bags as they wish without too much thought to the cost. But I do not want thousands of credit card debt in purses alone, so I force myself to sell one before buying another, and I guess that has made me less likely to form an attachment to any one bag. I was just having a thought about how good it feels to have that money back in my bank account. But....the sad longing for another bbag....will haunt me every day....and that is why I wonder about myself sometimes. *LOL* Maybe I am crazy....never mind.....just ignore me.....*L*

    I am kinda depressed because we just discovered our ice maker on our NEW fridge had been leaking out underneath it for at least a month but the puddle never got big enough to run out from under it. So we discovered the leak when water started dripping into our basement below! Our kitchen floor is totally ruined and will cost a lot to repair it and make it as lovely as it was. I hate spending money on stuff like that, so I am bummed out. I am a brat and expect all extra money to be spend on fun stuff!
  10. Yes, susan-eric, I can keep Magenta with no problem. I don't need to sell Magenta to get Fire Engine but I just feel guilty. That's all. :Push:

    One of the reasons I love b-bag, beside the beauty, is that it retains value quite well. I think I can either sell it now or later and the price should remain the same. Can I assume that? What do you think?

    I guess I need to make sure first that I want to let Magenta go other wise I might regret it later. :sick:

    Chigirl, I will post the pic of shoes bag later. :P

    LoriB, I'm sorry about your kitchen. I agree with you there are other stuffs in your life should take priority over bags. :yes:

    Anyhow, I have to say that Rouge Vif is awesome!!! :flowers:
  11. i completely agree that the addiction is totally beyond control or comprehension! i went a little crazy and got a stam and then my first bbag and now i'm just addicted to strictly bbags. i just plot how i could get another and have a list of what i want! and i JUST bought my first one. it's totally crazy and i cannot explain it. :blink: i definately am not rich and cannot afford to get two designer bags per season.
    however i am getting a hold of it because i do need to pay my credit cards down or i will not be able to sleep at night. so i am going to focus on that and will NOT allow myself to buy anymore bbags until i reach my goal balance.
    plus i think if you make a rule with yourself to buy only one bbag as the seasons are introduced things should be under control. it's all about willpower...willpower...willpower. it will be my new mantra.
  12. i am also willing myself to not buy any more b-bags, but that didn't stop myself from bidding for a taupe city just hours ago. =(
  13. i totally agree, to be honest, lately it has been making me feel bad for spending over $1000 on bags (i got 3 bbags in 2 months)...i almost got a heart attack when i checked my saving account one day. Thinking of i can get a brand new LCD widescreen TV that i always want for the same price of a balenciaga city!! I think i might as well hold for a couple of months, not buying anymore new bbags.. since i don't really want to sell old bags for new bags.....
  14. i know! often i'm weighing:

    New York Trip vs. B-bag
    Health Care vs. B-Bag
    Tuition vs. B-bag
    Mortgage vs. B-bag.

  15. in my head are:
    LCD TV vs. Bbag..
    Trip to JAPAN vs. Bbag.