Thirsty? Talk to the Water Sommelier


  2. At that price I think I'll be sticking to wine.... :p

  3. The smiley face can't even begin to express how hard I am rolling my eyes about this... :rolleyes:
  4. a week long training, one week and that is it? um, I'd be my own water specialist by crafting CC's Limited Edition 2013 S/S collection - local water infused with locally sourced (aka left over of whatever is on sale) vegetable and fruit. Boiled water are served year round in rare (2:30 -5:59min boil time), medium (6min - 8.59min boiled time), and well done (15 min boiled time) trims. No reservation on weekends.
  5. Ohh wow...I don't even know what to say to this. haha

    I like how you can buy Fiji and Voss water for like a couple bucks in the store but through this place the minimum starts at $8.