Thirstiest Skin Ever!

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  1. I've been plagued by dry skin my whole life, so I feel your pain. Everyone is different, but the few things you mentioned are a no no for my dry skin. One is hyaluronic acid, makes me look dehydrated and sickly lol, and the second is putting moisturizer on damp skin. Water if allowed to dry on your skin actually causes more dryness, and when it mixes with moisturizer it just dilutes it. Masks never helped me, made things worse a few times.
    Cleanser I swear by Juice Beauty facial cleanser (the Green Apple one)

    As for moisturizer/dry/anti aging skin, Algenist is very good for the face, body I like Pericone. Dry patches on the face can be gently scrubbed away once a week, no need to do your body.
    A hydrating foundation, I like Juice Beauty serum foundation applied over moisturizer so you have double moisture. Juice also makes some very good moisturizers.
    Stay away from drugstore brands, they are lousy.
    One other thing is a humidifier, have one in every room, or at least your bedroom :smile:
  2. Anything by La Roche Posay!
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  3. Do you use Clarisonic? I heard that they can itritate the skins natural protective barrier and cause issues.
  4. Have you tried Kiehls midnight recovery? It works wonders!
  5. No, not in a couple years. I sleep with a humidifier year round near my bed.
    The micro needling I do at home is very infrequent but I roll w/ hyaluronic acid then do a moisturizing mask after.

    No, I haven't used Kiehls in years.
  6. Well I do hope you get an improvement soon, it may be worth trying to switch to just a super sensitive range like Avène for a month or so, to see if less is more so to speak.
  7. I have intensely dry skin and use loreal triple active night and the Garnier moisture bomb tissue mask.

    I use eczema grade stuff for my body and even it helps but doesn't get rid of dry patches. However the above combo works great for my face and even better is pretty cheap.
  8. Let me just say - from someone who has used skincare products from super high end to low end of the spectrum, here are my recommendations: (as just basic, foundation products)

    Skinfood Pineapple Peeling Gel - I have literally converted all of my friends (including snobby, elitist ones lol) to use this peeling gel. It's super non-abrasive and exfoliates your skin without damaging it - gentle enough to use it every day (but I just use it every other day). Literally can't live without it.

    Cerave - Just slather your face with this stuff (after applying your serums if you use any). Need I say more? Seriously the miracle worker. Step aside LaMer.

    Try using only these two items for a week, and omit makeup of any kind (if you can) - it should drastically increase the moisture level on your face, and of course, keep yourself hydrated! ......And this is really a first world problem kinda thing, but ever since I've switched to only drinking spring water (as opposed to just plain purified water) I can feel a huge difference in my skin!

    Good luck!
  9. Ooh! I will have to try Cerave since I love La Mer. Which Cerave cream do you use?
  10. I live in a similar climate where I have to run the ac or heat. I have been using Algenist Genius Cream for my face and FAB (First Aid Beauty) Ultra Repair Cream for body. I have used FAB on my face, too.
  11. @Swanky - definitely identify with thirsty skin, plus occasional eczema patches around the nose area. My dermatologist gave me so much cortisone cream (tho low percentage) when I was younger that I have been advised never ever put it on my face again. I try everything & it’s a constant battle. Currently using Pur Simplicity Soothing Gentle Cleanser & Strivectin moisturizer (dry aging skin yikes!). Have you seen the YouTube dermatologist Dr. Dray? She goes over ingredients of EVERYTHING with her followers (many videos are inside Ulta & pharmacies) No nonsense straight forward judgement of drugstore brand moisturizers to high end. Very educational.
  12. I am currently on accutane and living in a dry, northern canada winter, and I swear that hadalabo gokujyun lotion has saved my skin. It’s a watery toner that I use after washing, and I pat it in in as many layers as my skin will absorb. Sometimes as many as five or six. It’s amazing, and it’s also really plumping! I also love essences, specifically the cosrx snail mucin essence. The two paired together are magic for my skin.
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  13. My favorite skin care brand is eminence I use a variety of products from them. I have sensitive acme prone skin with rosacea. I love thier rose hip and lemon grass smoothing hydrator face and body lotion for my winter dry skin, my skin gets super dry/cracked/itchy in the winter. I don’t particularly like it for my face most moisturizers tend to make my skin freak out. This has saved my hands from looking haggard, I use it more for hands/body. For my face I use a mix of serums mixed with some rose hip oil which works for my sensitive skin. Thier calm skin camomile cleanser is my HG face cleanser. I could never use a face cleanser until I found this, between how sensitive my skin is and my eyes are most face cleansers either irritate one or both areas for me. I will occasionally use the rose hip and lemongrass repair balm on my face especially if I have windburn/sunburn. You only need a tiny bit and warm it up in your hands mixed with a dash of water and it works wonders. I was even using it on my hands for a while because I ran out of the lotion and didn’t want to make a special trip to get it, I just waited until my next facial.
  14. Have been using Shiseido Wrinkle Resist24 Night Cream for the last 3-4 nights. It is very rich and my skin really loves it - just drinks it in! I’ve eyed this for some time but stopped short looking at the size of the jar vs. the price, but my skin won out. Glad I purchased.
  15. Lancome Youth Activating Night cream - this is incredible
    La Mer cream

    ^ I use these in winter when my skin needs extra help :smile:
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