Thirstiest Skin Ever!

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  1. My skin is always so dry, year around. :sad:

    Anyone else? Nothing I use or try seems to really moisturize as deep as it needs to. I've tried probably every brand, oil, etc. . . lol
    Anyone have any rich recommendations? I'd love a heavy night cream and a lighter lotion for day use that doesn't look greasy but still works.
  2. What have you tried so far?
    What's your routine currently?
  3. I personally love Erno Laszlo’s phelityl night cream, it’s so great for keeping the skin hydrated!
  4. Personally, I find all creams a scam! I like using simple and natural products, because I also suffer from acne and the last thing I need to do is risk an allergic reaction or irritation.

    Is your skin dry as in it's flaking, or dry as in it's tight? If it's both or just tight, your skin is most probably dehydrated. What works for me is spraying my face with water then applying a hyaluronic acid serum to bind the water to my face. I use the Muji high moisturizing toning water for extra moisture, and then I seal the moisture in with two drops of maracuja oil. In the worst of winter, I do three drops and occasionally add on top Burt's Bees sensitive skin moisturizer, but most of the time adding the "normal" moisturizer makes me oily later in the day. This is the only method that has corrected my dehydrated skin, and while the steps are tedious my skin feels much better than any cream - drugstore or high end - has ever made it feel. I swear by it and I've been doing it for years; it took me quite some time to find the right products and how much of each product to use that worked for my skin.

    Happy to elaborate if you feel that your skin is also dehydrated, not just dry!
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  5. I just purchased several Chanel products to address this very issue: Le Blanc Facial Moisturizer, Blue Eye Serum, Le Lift Facial Serum and Le Lift Eye Moisturizer. I will report back soon!
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  6. It's all the above, lol! Tight plus kinda flaky in spots. I use hyaluronic acid daily or Buffet by the Ordinary and an oil over it after it sets, or a light lotion that isn't greasy.
    At night I wash with gentle wash - Cetaphil and always moisturize with a heavier cream. I've tried many from CeraVe to Chanel, can't find one that truly works. I use a retinol by the Ordinary followed by rose hip seed oil 1-2x/week.
  7. The Cetaphil might be drying your skin. I would try a cleansing oil like DHC to remove make up, and then a balm for a second cleanse. I love Emma Hardy cleansing balm!

    In terms of moisturizers. I like Drunk Elephant Lala Retro at night, you can add a couple of drops of your oil, or their Marula Oil to it as well. I've been using their Protini for day, over hyaluronic Acid, under my CC cream.
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  8. Depending on the oil, it might not (and is not, in your case) be occlusive enough to "seal" your daytime routine.

    As for night time, Cetaphil may indeed be drying your skin out. Which heavier cream are you using? Also, retinol is definitely drying.

    You need a hydrator + an occlusive. Also, the hyaluronic acid can't actually add moisture to your skin, it just tries to bind what there is to your skin. aka if you use it in a desert you will make your skin even drier.

    Have you tried sheet masks for a quick hydration boost?
    After cleansing, use your hyaluronic acid. Then add your rosehip oil, and put a sheet mask right on top. Don't wash it off after. Put your heavy cream on. Go to sleep. Rinse off with water in the morning and add your light cream. See if that helps.
    The oil can go on after your sheet mask as well, but there are penetration enhancers in the sheet mask serum that will help push the oil in deeper if you put oil on under the sheet mask.

    Personally, I like the My Beauty Diary masks. Very clean ingredient lists, I have eczema and it doesn't cause/exacerbate flares, and they're relatively inexpensive. Try the Bulgarian Rose / Damask Rose; Royal Pearl; Bird's Nest.
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    Something to consider as well.

    Do you have water already on your face (as Miraku said)? I don't feel that even applying after washing is enough, which is why I spray water on my face before applying. I like to have a layer of water on, but not so much that it's dripping off my face. Then I spread the hyaluronic acid serum all over my face so it's mixed with water and wait for it to get mostly dry, before adding the next moisture layer which is my Muji toner.
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  10. Yes, I always have slightly damp skin when applying any moisturizers.
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  11. I like the vitamin E serum-in-oil from the Body Shop last thing but massaged in well . You can also add a drop to your skin 5 mis before putting on make-up.

    I would also suggest making sure you have enough healthy fats in your diet like nuts such as almonds and seeds like sunflower seeds. These will also help with vitamin E.

    I used to use rose water as a spritzer, that also worked well. In India it's all about the ROSE WATER
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  12. With the products that you already have, try removing the Cetaphil and Retinol.
    Wash your face with water (+ konjac sponge is my favourite, but a washcloth will do), then use your hyaluronic acid, then the Buffet, then the cream, and your rosehip oil on top of that. See how it works.
    Did you ever say which cream it is specifically? I wonder if it's a hydrator or an occlusive.
    Are you able to purchase any sheet masks locally? They should be cheap, ~$1.
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  13. I use sheet masks about once/week. I've tried a few, haven't loved any yet.
    I have a drawer full of creams and lotions, I've tried many - too many to list! CeraVe, Perricone, to Chanel, ReVive, etc. . .
  14. As for that, a one-time thing is not going to undo years of damage. I would suggest you try any change for a few days in a row and see if it has any changes.
    Which sheet masks do you have? What does "not love" constitute for you - no lasting difference, or did it have a negative result for you?
  15. The dryness is pretty new, I don't have damage per se. I have really good skin it's just gotten so dry lately. I don't try something new daily, I'll use it for a while to evaluate it.
    I'm happy to change/switch things up!
    It's not that the sheets had negative results, although for a mask labeled "hydrating" I don't necessarily love feeling it burn/tingle. It's just more that I haven't found any to be very effective yet. I've thought a couple wee ok, but honestly don't remember which they were.
    I love trying them, I've picked them up at many places.
    I have a asst set of 10 I just bought and haven't tried yet from Lapcos.