Third Toki for me!

Well, I caved in and got myself a Lamore Denaro on ebay! It's a little more than I wanted to pay, but DANG IT I wanted it so bad! I will be so excited when it arrives!

The seller was great with sending me more photos when I asked and I fell in :heart: with it. This way, when the Lamore Bambinone I ordered for my sister's birthdat arrives, I won't feel as sad that she has such a cute bag! :smile:


May 8, 2007
Los Angeles
cute!! i saw that too and was tempted. what i love about buying from ebay is the fact that you actually get to see the print placement. If you buy from lesportsac, i think you could only pray you get a good one. lol!!
I was really hoping to find one with those little coffecups and the sushi on it (I think that is what it is, right?) but I just love the peppers and tea bag and things. I can't wait for it to get here!!!!

I was also nervous about using ebay, but the pictures were great and I can tell they were personally taken and not from a brouchure. So that made me feel better about doing BIN.