Third Time Lucky

  1. :giggles: Yes cheaptskate is not really a complimentary term.........true but not complimentary, maybe we are KEFAB's oh God no that's too close to a kebab, cheapskate and kebab:cray::shocked::cray:

    I predict NP's RO will soon be in RH's hands!! How's that for code talk!! :biggrin:
  2. DP honey you make me LOL!!! - what larks on a grey old day - anyone (unless in the know) would think we were completely bonkers!....

    On a serious note - do you really reckon I should go with NP for the sake of £100???...I do :love:her?....NEED. TO. MAKE. A. DECISION - otherwise I really will be for the loony bin!!!:biggrin:
  3. Shian is a really, really lovely person to deal with and I truly believe you would adore her bag. Have you corresponded with her? She will honestly tell you about the colour in different lights...

    Ask yourself this......if NP's was to sell would your heart miss a beat? Are you willing to wait and find one cheaper? Decisions, decisions......I myself can't believe Rox is considering a bays :graucho:
  4. I know I know - being a vintage fan and with leanings toward the more quirky and bohemian (it's the old hippy in me!) I have surprised myself - but there is just something about her....and yes, my heart would skip if she went.....and yes, have corresponded several times with the lovely Shian - she is straightforward, honest and adorable and totally trustworthy - so I know it will be a fab bag...and limited edition...and unusual colour.....and was hellishly expensive when think I may nearly be there.

    Chatted earlier to hubby about it - and he said to go for it - it could be my Summer prezzie (as we are in the midst of a possible move and unlikely to be jetting off to the sun - much as I would love!) - but his enthusiasm may have something to do with the fact that he has just bought himself (another) very expensive vintage guitar!!!.....;)
  5. :jrs: nothing beats a hubby feeling guilty over a purchase to be the mostest bestest time to flutter the ole eyelashes and discuss a further Mulberry purchase.........Rox I think she has your name on her!!! Think of all the lovely hippy attachments you can put on her!! Now let me see, you could have hearts, you could have key rings, you could have....... I'm getting super excited for you :lolots: can you tell?!
  6. Ahhh! - :love: your enthusiasm! - and yes, have been looking at some model pics of her and she really can look quite funky and edgy..(skinny jeans, boots, leather jacket - oh yeah, baby!!!)......oh blimey, think I am about to take the NP plunge - just messaged Shian to get a little more gen on her background (the bag, that is!!) - didn't you or Daisy say that she was one of Shian's own? - if so she will be immaculate...and the ones on the bay are "supposedly" immaculate - but when you don't know or fully trust a seller then they could be saying anything, couldn't they? soon as I here back from Shian it should be all systems go (finger's x'd!) -:smile:will keep you in the loop;)
  7. Apologies, Plemont, for totally and utterly hijacking your thread (it's your fault for offering such help and support with RO) - but I fear RO is becoming contagious and is now guilty of infiltrating new threads!!!.....that's my excuse anyway:lol:

  8. Yayyyy, very excited for you and ever so :greengrin:slightly :greengrin::greengrin: ......I feel a reveal coming on :biggrin:
  9. I absolutely love the way that this thread has taken on a life of its own! Carry on ladies:graucho: I would just like to add that I haven't even carried my Red Onion bag yet (it's for our wedding anniversary later this month) but am now getting extremely impatient about it!
  10. I was thinking your reveal thread had been hijacked somewhat by RO Plemont but I'm sure you will agree RN and RO are similar in colour...ooops I feel the code is happening again, it'll be morse for Mulberry next :thinking: Oh heck I really am beginning to sound mad now.....
  11. hehe! - glad to have assisted in re-stoking your passion furnace for RO!!! - I am on the verge of putting myself out of my own misery - so watch this space:biggrin:.....
  12. Ah ha! - that will be my next hurdle, as I'm presently a reveal virgin!!!:biggrin:
  13. :smile:
  14. Just come across your great modelling pic - popped back on your thread as I really didn't give it the full attention it deserved the other day - (wonder why - been a little preoccupied myself!!) - you really rock her - and that colour is gorgeous - as individual and striking as my RO!....:biggrin:

    ....but just wondering WHAT on earth the changing room assistants/other shoppers thought you were up to - with all that flashing going on!!!!;)
  15. Beautiful bag! I saw this on someone recently in black and thought how nice it was but this colour is gorgeous!