Third time is a charm!

  1. I completely missed out on the electric blue rolandos. :push: Then the electric blue declic 100s were gone (or I couldn't get an SA interested enough to look hard enough).:sad:

    After striking out two times already, I got a call out of the blue today that the Electric Blue Declic 120 mm came in AND my size was available!!:party:

    I'm ecstatic! Now I have to find a few places to wear them. If only I could get my hands on the 100mm too so that I could wear those to work. The color is beyond gorgeous!

    Sorry for the horrible handheld pic -- it's the only thing I have with me at the moment.

  2. wow I just LOVE this color! I myself just bought my HG (the blue suede rolandos) last night so I know what you've been going through! But these declics are just as hot! Wear them well!!!
  3. what a beautiful them!
  4. :love: I am really loving electric blue right now. Awesome!
  5. Those are some H:heart:T shoes!
  6. This is my favorite color CL by far, they are just stunning!
  7. oh stinam those are just gorgeous!! congrats - i know how you feel!
  8. :yahoo:Beautiful!!!! I want some!

    Everyone & Anyone if you see a 36.5 in these let me know!!!:idea:
  9. That color is tdf! Enjoy them!
  10. Where did you find these lovely shoes?
  11. Hot, Hot, Hot!!
  12. LOVE the color!
    Im glad you finally got your hands on them!
  13. this color is really starting to grow on me. I should eventual get a pair of CLs in this shade. I even have the perfect dress for them!

    divine purchase congrats!
  14. I'm starting to like the electric blue. I'm thinking of a pair soon. After my pewter simples though!
  15. oooooo this is my HG shoe!