Third Gucci Purchase

  1. hey TPF's im planning on purhcasing my third Gucci handbag and have being looking online as to what one i would love to get as my thrid handbag. Both of the options are from the fall/winter collection but dont know which one, it would be really great if i got everyones opinion thanks.

    Option One:


    Option Two:
  2. I know makeupmama has the very same duchessa (option 2). Here is a link to photos of her bag.

    finally pictures of my gucci duchessa hobo

    I'm not crazy about both the bags you have listed. But I think the hobo is pretty cute. The platinum doesn't do it for me. A lot of members do have the platinum bags though.
  3. I love the second bag! The tote is definitely more casual & the hobo you could easily go from day to night.
  4. I truly like the first one! :tup:
  5. first one! i love the colour combo and the style of this one!
  6. I would go for the jolicoeur tote bag!!! I am planning on getting one too!! Love the color combo on this one!:tup:
  7. I love #2.
  8. I like option 1. But what style do you normally wear?
  9. I think this choice here is personal taste. I personally would choose option two. I can see why the first one is nice but I wouldn't buy it. I also didn't like the little bell thing on the side..I figured it would annoy me (it reminded me of a bell you'd find on a toy). You could wear the hobo with a lot more, and it has a zipper. To me, the hobo looks better too. So I would pick #2, hope that helps some:smile:
  10. i prefer the 1st one!
  11. i really love the jolicoeur totes, and the color is really amazing. it's also more roomy than the duchessa hobo.
  12. I like the 1st one.
  13. the first one.
    I have tryed the 2. one it is a verry nice bag, good size, very good strap, but for me it was too shinny (spelling?)
  14. First one!
  15. Both! Hehe, actually I would go with #2. It depends on your needs I guess, are your other bags structured or hobo-ish?