Third Generation Clothing, Inc?

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  1. Uh-oh...I've never heard of them. Did you try calling them? :shrugs:
  2. I've seen that site before but not ordered from them.
    It was declined, as in they ran out, or the card was declined? Did they charge your card or just authorize it? Authorizations usually just hold the money for a couple days, but it will come back to your card.[and if it doesn't, call the bank] but yeah, i'd try calling the place to find out what happened, like jen suggested.
  3. The money was already taken from my account, but the email I recieved only said "Declined", but the site still has it in stock and I did not recieve my money back. :sad: And I tried calling them, no response, but that might be because today is memorial day...
  4. Hmmm, super weird. I bet they're out of stock and just didn't take it off their website :yes:. The same thing happened to me with something I ordered from Trendystars the other day :cursing: and when I go to Trendystars now it's still listed on their site :rolleyes: which is stupid! Anyway, you're probably right that they're closed b/c of the holiday. I'd give them a call tomorrow and see what the story is. Maybe they charged your card before they realized it was out of stock and now they're in the process of refunding it. Refunds do take longer than purcahses to post to your acct! I wouldn't :sweatdrop: it yet.
  5. yeah, i ordered something from planetfunk & they said one of the items was no longer available, but it's still on their website too.
  6. real-time inventory sucks :Push: how long has the money been taken out? Holds generally last 2-5 days or so... but with the holiday it could be longer :shrugs: if it doesn't come back after a week or so I'd contact my bank... then again if they said it was "declined" then why did they charge in the first place... was it charged right away then declined or ?
  7. It was charged right away then declined, but the money is out of my account. It was declined like 13 days after it was charged. :/