Thinning out for spring... anyone with me?

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  1. Seriously, in the winter I turn pasty-white and I gorge myself on food. It's so fun! Can't wait 'till next winter! :nuts:

    But the weather is already warming up in California and I need to shed a few pounds. That enormous t-bone I had for dinner probably wasn't the best start, but it sure was tasty.

    Anyone want to (healthfully!) lose a few pounds with me? I hate the term "diet."
  2. I agree, the word diet is scary, and it makes me all committment-phobic. I'm attempting to get smaller for the summer ( and spring break!).

    I've been eating healthier meals ( lots of veggies, and fruit + cottage cheese) and I'm trying to hit the gym more often ( but I've been SO exaughsted lately.) I'm a size 4( and yet I still feel fat!), and any excess fat I have likes to sit in my tummy, so I just want to get more toned overall. In the past I've been (dangerously) obsessed with getting really thin, but for once I'm being healthy and I'd just like to look athletic.

    :smile: good luck on shedding those pounds ( but from your old avatar picture- youre teeeeny tiny!)
  3. Haha! Dani, that picture was taken on Halloween... I still had the remains of a European tan. Now I'm pasty and I've been sitting in America eating hamburgers. DAMN YOU IN-N-OUT!!
  4. I am so with you!!! I have yet to lose the weight I gained back last October when I went through an ovum donation. All those fertility drugs made me gain about 10 lbs; which is a big deal when you are only 5'1. It is diet time for me! Although I say this as I am drinking a glass of champagne (we are celebrating my dh's new job).
  5. haha aww.

    I love being tan, there's something about it that instantly boosts your self-confidence and makes you feel more thin. ( tanning beds are totally bad for you, but I think I'm going to use them for a little bit again soon. :-X).

    I've heard that you shouldn't measure your weight loss by lbs, because it's going to be dissapointing, and not the most accurate way of knowing how much progress you're making. Instead you should measure your waist, hips, and thighs- write down the measurements and then re-measure after eating healthy & working out. I've done this, but I alllllllways lose my measurements, whoopsies. It made me realise I have a really low waist to hips ratio ( small hips, no waist. lol.) Still, it's an interesting way to go about judging your progress. :smile:

    PS. Becca, nothing wrong with a little champagne! it's delicious!;)

    I always forget how bad alcohol is for you! Some good diet drinks are diet coke and rum, or vodka + soda water and a lemon wedge. Cocktails are sooo bad for you.
  6. i'm with ya, hun. i lost 30 pounds last summer and never really felt like i was on a diet, but stress and sweatpants mean that i'm back to my usual ways. thankfully, i haven't put on but a pound or 2, but it's back to eatting correctly. my eatting habits have actually started to effect my self-esteem in the last few weeks, and that's a no-no.
  7. I'm with you! I need to get active pretty badly.
  8. It wouldn't kill me to lose 5-10 pounds. I have been eating a lot better but I have been way too lazy to go to the gym.
  9. I am with you, girl!!!
  10. Girls, I'm eating an enormous chocolate cookie with white-chocolate chips. :worried: If you were here, I'd share... uhh... diet, right.

  11. That's how I always feel. After I graduated college (04) I gained like 8 pounds...which is all in my lower belly of course, but all my clothes fit still, which is good...but the bottom line is I"m not willing to change what I eat too much or my lifestyle. I'm not unhealthy, a size 6, but I guess I'd be a little uncomfortable in a bikini in public! I'm just LAZY.
  12. IntlSet - I'm with you! I've been on this D-word for the past month. I just ate some sauerbraten. I'm sure that's not as good either, but it was all homemade. My goal is actually to be healthier.

    I don't use the D-word. I work in an office with all guys and if that term comes up, they look at me like I might as well have a crack-pipe in my mouth.
  13. I just rehired my personal trainer starting monday gotta eat healthy and hit the gym hard.
  14. Well, I am definitely in! I want to lose some weight before summer starts, so that I can be more comfortable in a bikini and skirts! I've started working out twice a week doing cardio, weights, and abs on this big ball thing (forgot what its called lol). Eventually, i will try to work out more and more so as to get use to the regimen regularly. I also need to work on eating more veggies and less unhealthy carbs.
  15. I'm with you! I've to loose 5kg I put on in winter. I just want to fit into my normal clothes again! That's going to be a good motivation when we're a group and together we can make a 10 year old schoolkid dissappear!