Thinning Hair

  1. Recently, my mother is experiancing thinning hair due to her age. Primarily I think its premenopause, but hormone therapy aside, does anyone know of useful thinning hair treatments? Are there vitamins or shampoos or supplements she can take that you guys have tried? I know she tried Rogaine to no avail. :shrugs: Any help would be appreciated!!!
  2. Have her try Nioxin, it has worked wonders on a ton of my thinning clients!
  3. hey hey! thanks cali! :flowers: i will tell her to try that!
  4. thank you holly! :wlae:
  5. Hi Grace,
    As Holly said she can try Nioxin. It's a system designed for thinning hair. It consists mainly of a shampoo (That cleanses the scalp), a conditioner (Which readies the scalp for treatment) and a Bionutrient Treatment that nourises the scalp. Each one of us goes through 3 stages of hair growth (Growth, dormancy/loss and regeration)and loses 50-80 hairs each day and the purpose of the system is to slow that down. So, while one will NEVER have more follicles and, alas, more hairs on their head the system makes the hair feel thicker by keeping more of those hairs in the growing state. It really is helpful!
    Also, there is a product called XFusion Hair. And it is a GODSEND for thinning people! It is basically Keratin Hair Fibers that are magnetically charged to adhear to the hair. It makes each hair basically a tree trunk and the XFusion attaches to the hair like the branches of said tree. It comes in about 8 different colors and literally is shaken onto the thinning areas. It is the consistance of Cinnamon, very light and airy. It is virtually undetectable on the scalp. If you have trouble finding it I can help you out with distribution or even send you some out of my own stock! Please feel free to research it and let me know if you need my help.
  6. wow thank you ilikemike! i will research those and definitely let her know. if i can't find them, i'll let you know! you're such a Godsend, i appreciate this so much! :love:
  7. wow! thanks.. :yes: this is my problem too :sad:
  8. Dear holly di, Please tell us where/how to find out information about the products and purchase online? Thanks!
  9. My hairdresser also carries this line. When I was in remission and my hair was growing out (I went completely bald), this product really helped. My hair is now thicker than before chemotherapy.