Thinning Hair

  1. My SO's hair is thinning!! Does anyone know of a Shampoo/Conditioner that works to thicken up hair? Or make it grow back:blink:
  2. minoxidil is the only fda approved drug to regrow hair. it is sold under the name rogaine. i've used it and so has my husband and it does work, but you have to use it as prescribed and if you stop at any time, the effects will disappear. go to for more info. btw, they sell it at costco.
  3. Be careful with Hair regrowers like Minoxidil. They cause liver damage.

    It could be thinning for a couple of reasons: Shampoo build up is most common. You're supposed to rotate shampoos every few days because if you use the same one you're never really washing your hair out, you're only putting more residues in it. Those residues block hair pores and cause hair to grow out. Many men who start rotating experience hair growth without the use of dangerous products.

    Second: Toxins. Smoking, alcohol, and a whole host of environmental toxins can cause your hair to fall out. Hair is one of the ways your body eliminates toxins and if there's too much it will just release the hair.

    Try rotating shampoos or buying residue free shampoo. That should help him!

    (I know all this because my BF is slightly balding at the tender age of 21 but it's genetic. I researched all the ways to extend his hair's life!)
  4. I agree that good-quality shampoos are important. Does he use a good conditioner too? My bf really likes Redken for Men's Go Clean shampoo and Finish Up conditioner. He said his hair felt thicker after using those.
  5. My DH's hair is thinning on top, too. He uses Rogaine but I can't tell if it's made a difference or not...I think the most important thing is not neccessarily to start hurling bottles of shampoo and medicines at your SO in a frantic attempt to grow his hair back, but to let him know that you still find him sexy and attractive. Men are very insecure about the whole baldness thing.
  6. Thanks everyone!
    We are going to go ahead and buy a few different shampoos and have him rotate, see if that helps. He only washes his hair every 3 or 4 days so....this could take a while to figure out if it helps lmao. Ill let you all know what happens!
  7. try sulfate-free shampoos. sulfates (sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate are the most popular) can be stripping, and may encourage hair loss.

    europeans have done studies showing that caffeine encourages hair growth. there's a european shampoo and leave-on tonic called alpecin that contains caffeine. there's also a shampoo at that contains a bunch of ingredients good for thinning hair. honestly, i don't think you need to switch shampoos frequently if you're using the right shampoo.

    i'm obsessed with this subject since my hair's been thinning for 10 years now. i'm only 30 for heaven's sake! :crybaby:
  8. Wow, caffeine?!?! Maybe thats why my hair grows so fast, all the Mt. Dew I drink:idea:.

    But I will deff. check the website you provided. We both appreciate all the suggestions, keep them coming!
  9. How old is he?

    He may have a genetic predisposition to losing hair...Nothing you can really do about that!
  10. Yeah don't use Minoxidil. In Asia hair tonics are very common. I know for a fact that Kaminomoto works wonders! Kaminomoto Gold is the one for men.

    If you don't want to get things online, you can also try the Shiseido hair tonic at your local shiseido counter (macy's, dillard's, Nordstrom's) called Hair Energizing formula'adenogen'_men's_hair_energizing_formula:189262&cm_ven=Froogle&mr:trackingCode=A6078F59-C945-DC11-8E88-001422107090&mr:referralID=NA

    Shampoos don't usually work. Tonics work. You apply them after you shampoo.
  11. he should go to derm to make sure its not anything with his skin or hair follicles just to be on the safe side. he can use rogaine though or the doc could prescribe something.
  12. Hes 27
  13. Is he under stress? My hair feels like it's falling out like crazy and my hairdresser said it's stress.