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  1. Can a man wear the Reissue 227?
  2. Why the heck not!? :graucho:
  3. Noooooooo, it's so girls bag!!! For me Bottega or Prada have huge palette for man...Chanel NO! 227 would look so :weird: !
  4. I also think not...its a woman's bag if you were to ask me...
  5. I don't see why not if he feels like it. :smile: Obviously, it takes a very specific man to make this look work. I've definitely seen men rock purses, and if you're gonna do that, why not make it a Chanel haha?! :nuts: I have to say though that there are more male friendly bags out there... but if the design aesthetic of the reissue is what appeals to you, that's really irrelevant. :smile:
  6. Of course you can! There is no such thing is a womans/mans bag! If you are a confident man and you can rock a Chanel, than go for it! I love it when men are confident and go for what they want---not want the rules of fashion insist upon!
  7. I have seen a man at rue Cambon purchasing 2 227!!! so you won't be the one!!!
  8. I can't see why any person should be prejudice against a guy wearing a reissue. It doesn't say it's only for women. Stand tall Millie, there are plenty of men out there that buys handbags.....and why shouldn't it be a chanel. I recall a few men buying classic flaps on this forum. Do it if you love it or even go and try it out.
  9. rock it! though some may think it's design for ladies, but at the end of the day, what matters the most is how YOU feel :rochard:
  10. why not!
  11. I'd say no. I think the chanel flaps are more appropriate for women. With that said, if you really like it then go for it, don't care about the others!
  12. why not? i don't exactly think the reissue is a very feminine looking bag. haha
  13. ITA!!! It takes a confident man to rock a brand that markets to women so well. If I see one, I will be :nuts:!!

    Precisely! It's boxy, structured, understated... especially in black. I think the 227 or 228 would be awesome crossbody on a guy. :tup:
  14. Do what you want has always been my mantra . . .as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else.

    That said there was a large piece with pockets with the reissue lock on the pockets. The manager at Tysons has one and she said it was part of the luggage collection. She got it before they went to the outlet at Woodbury. It appeared to be caviar, heavy duty! (Don't know when it was available but if you want a hands free piece, then go for the reissue and enjoy it!!
  15. Well I have to be brutally honest. If you wore it in public, you would get stares and people would look at you weirdly. If you're fine with that and don't care what other people think, then wear it. It's not a men's bag.