Thinking to buy this furla...

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  1. ALBERTA BS39 coffee

    I liked it when it came out first time, but it was very pricey.

    Now it's on sale and I think it's time to buy it, how do you think about this bag?
    Anyone has it? Please tell me how good it is. Thanks:love:

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  2. i like it... but personally i wouldn't buy it because the shape is too long for me :P
    you should get if if you like it a lot...
  3. I don't have the bag so I can't give you any feedback, but it is lovely.
  4. get it!
  5. I don't have this bag, but I've heard very good things about Furla. I love the color and pattern of the bag - I think you could use it with jeans or dressier stuff. If you love it and the price is now right, get it (I hope you weren't looking for us enablers to tell you NOT to buy something)!

    Let us know what you decide!
  6. This year's Furla's bags are really nice. I like it and the sale price is great.
  7. I'm fairly indifferent to Furla, but this one is pretty nice. If you like it get it.

    Out of curiosity, how much is it?
  8. I don't know the size, but the shape and style is very nice--don't think it will ever look dated. With a sale, that would clinch it for me. Get it!
  9. I like it.
  10. I couldn't decide whether to buy it or not because I worried that the soft leather couldn't hold the shape especially it's a big bag...:shrugs:

  11. i happen to love slouchy more than a shaped bag :P
  12. i like furla very much!

    i have a white little handbag...unfortunately the white leather isn't really white anymore after using it two summers....

    furla will never be out of time
  13. I am not mad about design/colour but Furla quality rocks!
  14. OK I bought it, but I chose small one and in black. I will show you guys the pic later tonight. :yahoo:
  15. here is the picture of the bag:yahoo:
    (50% off, $261(+sale tax), Chicago furla)

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