Thinking someones bag is fake and its not

  1. I have done this lol, my friend had this bag and it was different to them model shown in LV, it was made from a different colour so I guessed it was fake. Then she told me that she had it made to order in her local LV. hahaha silly me. have any of you done this ?
  2. lol probably many times! But it's usually from quite a long distance away (without looking inside or touching the bag), so I forgive myself for these mistakes because to truly authenticate somehting, I need to have the bag within my reach! :biggrin:
  3. Honestly, no because I never see anyone around here with SO bags. I think the only one I saw was the red vernis bucket that's on display at my store..otherwise, everyone just buys from stock.
  4. I just think the ones I see are fakes! I saw a MC white petite bucket in the grocery store the other day and my first thought was FAKE! Fakes are rampant in my area.
  5. It is unless its frange/ fringe bucket?
  6. I don't see many LV bags among my friends, but I do find that since coming to this forum, I am more likely to take a second look at LV bags that I see out and about (and those on eBay as well) and try to use some of the hints that I've seen here to rule out fakes. It's definitely much easier to spot a fake when it takes the form of one of the more popular styles, like a monogram speedy or alma. I would probably think anything out of the ordinary was a fake, because I just haven't seen enough...

    But as I am growing in my LV detective skills, it's also made me appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into making an authentic LV. :smile:
  7. I don't see many LV bags here either. A bunch of young girls in college have them but most of them are fake. The ones that are real are usually the smaller bags (more affordable), I find. I am good at spotting the white MC fakes now, especially the models that people have that were never made!!
  8. Most of the time I always think their bags are real if I can't tell right away plus I don't normally stare at them only take a glance. I won't like people think mine is fake because they think they know it all.
  9. I saw the monogram special order Ribera MM once and it looked so odd that I thought for sure it was fake. Ribera in mono looks totally different than the damier one.
  10. i was at the boutique a few months back, they had a deauville in blue mini monogram, yeah, it looks nice and expensive coz it was custom made but somehow it look fake even though it is 100% authentic.
  11. No, I don't think I have but I've seen many fake MC's with flourescent colors and styles that they never produced.
  12. No it was not the fringe bucket. I know and love that one! This one looked just like the mono petite bucket only it was white MC and looked totally fake.:throwup:
  13. Because it was fake! the bucket didnt come in Multicolor until the fringe/frange bucket. It only came out in vernis(so) epi, damier and monogram.
  14. I had a SO damier speedy several years ago and someone told me they thought it was fake.
  15. Did you pay more then for that bag then its going for now ?