Thinking Sapin (Forest Green)...

  1. Hi,

    Im about to get another bbag. I've got my favorite Emerald and Im thinking about getting the "Sapin" (Forest Green??)in Messenger day bag.

    What's the difference between the color?

    I'm deciding between Ink and Sapin. Im mourning for my INK courier which was sold recently and really wanted the Men's messenger day bag instead. I love the INK...but Im drawn to "Green" lately. I got LOTS of compliments on my Emerald Weekender.

    Should I replay and get INK in messenger or SAPIN?? Ultimately, I rather get the BLUEBERRY..BUT ITS NOT AVAILABLE or it's not being made in messengers bag! (Im not crazy about the "new" FLAP Messenger bag either)

    Need opinions please. Can you PLEASE post PICS of SAPIN/EMERALD together...(I have the emerald in my avatar).

    Oh..SAPIN owners...How is the LEATHER?? Is it thicker???
    Do you love it?

  2. I do not own the Sapin, but I have the Emerald and it almost looks "lit from within." It's such a very bright, jewelly green. The Sapin is much, much darker. If you take the Emerald inside, it's still very obviously green. The Sapin indoors looks way, way closer to black.

    Since you have a green in the gorgeous Emerald, I would vote for the Ink.

    I wish you well,

  3. Definitely vote for ink here. I think Emerald is so gorgeous, you should go for something different. Ink is wonderful and will serve a totally different purpose. Of course, always follow your heart, and if you love sapin go for it!
  4. Thanks ladies..I will post which one I decided one.

    Everyone opinions is welcome, please post pics of your SAPINs Indoors and Outdoors. Oh..let me know about the leather type..Thick or usual soft leather like the sprin/summer06 leather.

  5. Bridget...YOU'RE RIGHT..from your comment on EMERALD...
    "It's Lit from Within"...that is the BEST decription I've ever heard. I have always thought when I look at my beloved Emerald..something is amazing just by looking at it..and YOU HIT IT!!! it's true..

    I was looking at it and its like there's a "SYLVANIA LIGHT BULB" inside the bag!! WOW...what a desription!! LOVE IT!! THANK YOU Bridget!!

    You just made me love my Emerald more!!
  6. I would not recommend Sapin - it's difficult to tell it's green. I was very disappointed in it when I saw it in person. I prefer the Ink color, although I have to admit the Sapin leather is much nicer (smoother, softer, less veiny).
  7. I think you should go for the Ink. It's such a beautiful versatile color. If you can find one with gorgeous leather, I'd go for it. I saw a Spain Day bag a few days ago in the shop and it was gorgeous! It was a pretty deep forest green and the leather was amazing. It was thick and very very very lightly distressed(perfect even distressing) w/ no visible veins. I loved it. If DH wasn't with me, I would have bought it. lol. But, if I had to choose solely on color, I would choose the Ink.
  8. I have an ink city and as sapin purse and both make great neutral bags which you can wear with everthing. The sapin is a deep dark green and just has amazing leather. But I'd go for the ink instaed because you already have a green bag but that's just my opinion.
  9. I agree. I too have a Sapin bag and the color and leather is just amazing. BUT, if you already have a green bag, go for the ink.
  10. Oh get the SAPIN! :yahoo: I have a work, (posted pics under SAPIN RAWKS!), and yes the leather is absolutely wonderful! It is not veiny, it is mat, and it is soooo soft. The leather is really thick, much thicker and squishier than the two city bags I sent back. It was the leather on this bag that made me fall in love with it as well as the color! And for fall you cannot go wrong - I wear a lot of neutrals and reds, burgundys, creams. It goes great with all my clothes for fall! ...and winter, and probably spring! I will post some pics of mine when I get home from work (if sweet hubby isn't home) because the leather has morphed into something sacred!!!!!! The color is beautiful!!!!!