Thinking pink - need opinions

  1. So, now that I've gotten b-bag fever, I'm thinking I want a pale pink one. I've found a 05 calcaire twiggy or a pre-spring 06 pale rose box. Which would you recommend? Or, neither, and I should keep looking for something else?

    I think I read that the pale rose has some fading issues. Does it fade evenly? I wouldn't mind if it's an all-over lighter color, but I don't want a mottled, patchy lighter color.
  2. It sounds like there is a bubble gum pink coming out for Spring 08. Not sure you can wait that long and since I don't own a light colored bbag I'm clueless about fading. Good Luck in your search!
  3. All the pastels (sky blue, ice blue, calcaire and pale rose)
    have had fading/yellowing issues. The good/bad news is that it doesn't seem to happen to all of them. I guess exposure to sunlight, etc. could make the difference, or God knows what else. I have a pale rose make-up that hasn't done anyhting, but I have seen some fairly dramatic fading and yellowing. I agree, I wouldn't get too fussed about some fading, but you're going to use it for special occasions only, it might be a gamble worth taking. If, however, you're conisdering an everyday may want to hold off.

    I have been LUSTING for an ice or sky blue ANYTHING, but I refuse to take the chance. Don't want to discourage you if you have your heart set on one of these bags...they're both FABULOUS colours you're considering, but just be aware.

    Good luck. Let us know what you decide!
  4. Kimberf: I had been thinking EXACTLY the same as you... I'd had the opportunity for a pale rose bag... and just COULDN"T decide cuz I was too worried about the possibility of fading etc.. and I want to USE the bag (sun or no sun!)
    So... I "compromised" and got two light colored makeup bags. (pale rose and white). which will either be used as a clutch ... or INSIDE my other bags!!


    I'm looking forward the upcoming possibility of bubblegum pink though... that is one bag that I WILL have to get!!
  5. Yikes! I'm with you on that. Yellow is not one of my favorite colors, especially on something that wasn't supposed to be yellow in the first place. I would be seriously distressed over that.

    I'm not a big proponent of buying things for special occasion use only. It might end up getting only occasional use, but it would just be through matching and being too lazy to change purses, not a deliberate effort to preserve it.

    I was leaning toward the calcaire. Will have to ponder now...
  6. Calcaire twiggy without question. A great shade, from what I've seen. Or, wait for S/S 08.
  7. Just thought of something.....e-mail Barbard at Luvin My Bags and see if there's been anyhting at all new developed to help prevent yellowing...prob. not, but worth an e-mail.'ve got me thinking about Ice or Sky Blue again :graucho:, refuse to take the strong, be strong.....
  8. I haven't seen Pale Rose irl, but I am crazy for 05 BG Pink! I have 3, two City's, and a First. My first City has slightly faded, but not yellowed, and not splotchy. Although, I prefer the brighter pink color, BG Pink is still gorgeous when slightly faded, and the only real way to notice the fading is when the bag is next to a bag that hasn't faded. I love to take photos of my bags in direct sunlight, and although it is not for sure, my feeling is that taking lots of photos in the sunlight is the reason it faded. Needless to say I am super careful with exposing by bags to direct sunlight for too long during my photo sessions. If you prefer a paler pink the Pale Rose may be the way to go. But if you are worried about yellowing, maybe you should wait to see if there is in fact going to be another pink in the s/s 08 collection. Being a pink lover, I don't think you can go wrong no matter what pink you choose!
    Here is my bags, and you can see the faded bag in the top right corner, and in the middle with the bags lined up. Please keep us posted in what you choose!
  9. i remember reading a member mentioned her bubblegum pink faded and she showed it with before and after pics. it's still a beautiful color though. but i guess we have to expect to see wear & tear =[ i think the fading depends on how you use it...sun exposure/no exposure and whether u throw it around if you know what i mean

    i'm waiting for the new pink to come out
  10. Pale rose box sounds gorgeous! go for that one... I think calcaire is too hard to take care of... HTH! Keep us posted aye and good luck!
  11. Just wanted to chime in here and say that I have done this (emailed Barbara) and she told me that there is nothing that can be done to prevent yellowing other than keeping the bag out of direct sunlight. I have acquired a NWT ice blue city, but I am not keeping it for this reason - and because of my 2 crazy, spilly kids! :p

    Just wanted to save you the trouble of emailing her.
  12. Both great options, but if it were me, I would choose the Calcaire Twiggy. :smile: Good luck with your decision.
  13. i'm thinking pink nowadays too! can't wait for the bubblegum pink to come early next year
  14. OMG a pale pink box, thats my dream bag!!! 100% a pink Bbag is my next one so go for it!
  15. Yes my friends have warned me about this issue with light colored bags. Hence I've always stayed away from them and only admired from afar.

    If you like pink tones so much, will you be open to something more saturated, say the LE magenta? I think with more vivid colors, the yellowing factor won't an issue.