Thinking of the Stroke Me

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  1. I've been lurking in the BE threads and now sub forum for a while trying to get a feel for the bags.I have fallen in love with the BE Stroke Me.I am trying to decide between the Wine and Petrol colors.Could someone educate me on the type of leather this bag comes in and which color is preferable.Thanks.:smile:
  2. I think the Stroke Me looks gorgeous in both wine and petrol...I think right now the wine is available in large, and the petrol in medium, so that may affect your choice
  3. If you really want a Stroke Me, you need to buy now, because they are being retired from the active collection for awhile. Jackie's bringing in a variety of new styles. I think whatever is left on the BE site is all there is. Check also museten. They have some.
  4. I love both colors (and both sizes of the Stroke Me). Are you interested in large or medium? On the BE site, I think that wine is only avail. in large and petrol in medium so maybe that will help your decision.
  5. It is an absolutley wonderful bag! I like the wine first, then petrol but again buy fast as these are on a moratorium for awhile!
  6. I think the wine would look spectacular with jeans!
  7. They both look stunning but I think I would personally go for the petrol...but then that's just based on the fact that it would go better with the colors I usually gravitate toward in clothing as well as with my skin tone. I know that must sound weird but I usually go for colors that are complimentary even in handbags, lol. :rolleyes:
    If I could do the wine I would go for that one too! This is just an opinion but I kind of think the wine is slightly more dressy. Perhaps it may depend a little on if you plan to have it for everyday casual use or more for work and such? Just thinking out loud here. :smile:
  8. Thanks for all your advice ladies.I think I would do better with the larger size and I have been looking more at the wine anyway...
  9. tomifey ~ just dropping in to say welcome to our new sub-forum!!! :welcome:

    I'm not a Stroke Me fan so I can't speak to the style, although the Wine is so beautiful IRL and the Petrol looks pretty FAB on my 'puter monitor!!

  10. I have the SM in wine and I adore it. I have the large size and it isn't overwhelmingly big and so easy to access your things when on your shoulders. It is very lightweight and super comfy as well. The wine color is beautiful and makes a wonderful neutral that goes with a lot.

    On the otherhand the petrol is very pretty as well and is such a fun color. The wine is more understated and elegant, whereas the petrol is casual and fun. JMO!! :smile:
  11. Thank you:smile:
  12. I really am leaning more towards the wine...