thinking of taking the leap w/my first Hermes!!

  1. Here's the thing.......

    I'm a stay at home mommy usually covered in peanut butter and wearing jeans and a tee. So my bags are usually my 1 pulled together yeah I still have a sense of style even though I'm on the Mommy train accessory. Well, I've fallen into Balenciaga which I love and fits my casual attire...but I've been lusting over Hermes. I love the history, the class, the style! But alas, I need something which will fit into my VERY casual lifestyle, so I've come across a Massai PM in soft leather :drool: on eBay in black and it seems like it has a very nice casual feel to it. So my questions to all the Hermes experts:

    1. Is a Massai PM a good 1st bag?
    2. Is is casual enough to wear with jeans and tee's all the time?
    3. What is a good price to pay for a used one?

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!! :heart:
  2. I have been looking at the same massai but decided against it for a number of reasons. The Massai usually comes with two straps. The longer strap is missing from the one on offer. I called H to see if they could give me a replacement. They can, but it will cost between $5-600 and can take about 6 months. The bag is used with a pen mark and spots too and comes without a sleeper and box. I think it is overpriced. H at KOP has a similar one at the moment if you are interested. Having said all that, I do love the bag, and I think it will make a great everyday bag. I do suggest that you try to find one to try on to see if you like the 'fit' because it seems to be one of those bags that either 'fits' or not.
  3. I don't own a Massai, so I can't comment on that. But have you ever thought of an Evelyne PM?
  4. I think the Massai is perfect with jeans and tee's. It was my first Hermes bag and I really like how casual it feels. Just yesterday I saw one in Blue Jean and I haven't been able to get it out of my mind :love: But as Rose said, you really need to try it out as it doesn't seem to be for everyone.
  5. I'm just under 6 ft tall, so I was certain that the Massai GM would be the PERFECT Hermes bag for me. It's such a gorgeous, gorgeous bag with a fantastic expanse of leather. I had it sent to my local H store saying I wasn't sure, I needed to try it on for scale, but...blah, blah, blah.

    I tried the GM on Tuesday, and the fat, elongated part where the buckle attaches rested on my scapula and rubbed the bone pretty hard, even after a few minutes.

    Retail on the PM is around $2700-$2800 before the 2/1 price increase. The one on eBay isn't even half price if you have to pay to buy a new strap. My suggestion would be to try the bag on, just in case.

    The Trim II holds more than you'd expect, fits on the shoulder, and also looks good with jeans and tees.

    Good luck. Nothing else I know can make you feel as chic as possible wearing peanut butter like a great H handbag.
  6. Have you already decided that the Massai is going to be your first H bag? Have you looked at others? What about the Evelyne?
  7. I concur with the rest, this is one bag you need to try it out. Some have suggested it to be a ahem 'breast' bag when sling across messenger style ...
  8. the evelyne is a little more sporty and the massai can be more versatile, imo. jeans and tee, but if you ever need it to, it can ooze polish too. ebene with gh is terrific for your lifestyle as it won't show any stains, but it's a sophisticated combo.
  9. also, as a mom of 1 (and greentea, as a mom can add her 2 cents here) i would strongly recommend you look into the bolide as well - far more offered on eBay as well, if a lower price is attractive to you.
    it's roomy but not cumbersome, and it can be a handheld but also comes with a shoulder strap so you can toss it over a shoulder. i have a shoulder bag and wish i had the bolide instead for the option to carry it hand held once in a while - for my posture's/back's sake. you're buying a bag now, thinking about the kid(s) but they go to school, etc. and then you're alone with the bag, so while durability might be an issue (but the leather/color you pick can take care of that), still think of yourself and your style and your preferences first. also, the bolide is a zip-top for fast and easy access.
  10. Thank you all SO MUCH for all the advice!! I'm going to do more research! I think everyone is right.....try it on first! I live in the MI, is there a Hermes here??
  11. I agree with HiHeels about the's a gorgeous bag and so versatile. I don't have one yet but friends do...they're always raving about it.....another one for me to want!
  12. need to go to your Neiman Marcus and see what Hermes they have their. They have a small boutique from what I have heard from others. Close to home...that is your best shot.
  13. Kellybag...thank you! I didn't even know Neiman's carried Hermes!

    Thanks again to everyone for your help! I've been looking online for the styles that were suggested, which are GORGEOUS! But for my needs I really like the Evelyne...and I'm still intrigued with the Massai. I only wish I could pull off a Birkin or Kelly...maybe once the little guy is bigger!
  14. I have a six year old (it's her birthday today) and I use a Kelly. It's a great everyday bag, comes with a strap for when you need to go 'hands free'.
  15. Happy birthday to mini Rose!!

    emanu1016, for a first H, how about a Picotin? The MM size is very ample and it is a very casual yet gorgy bag!