Thinking of Spring already... help me decide on a new work purse!

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  1. With the weather finally turning crisp (and rainy this morning) here in So Cal, I put away my Epi Ivoire Madeline PM and brought out my Mono Idylle Fusain SpeedyB for fall. I also just purchased an Epi Electric Noir Brea MM and plan to put her in rotation (she's very shiny so she may be saved for the occasional meeting). I'm set for Fall and Winter. But what to do for next Spring? I like my Madeline, but the PM is just a tad small. Any suggestions? I don't like to bring Mono to work as I feel it brings too much attention from my employees (I'm in upper management). It doesn't have to be super structured, and I like shoulder straps if possible. I like MM sizes. I am not a DA fan, but I would carry a DE during Spring/Summer. Epi is always good for work. I am also open to retired pieces as I have purchased pre-loved LVs in the past. Thanks for the input!
  2. I think your epi Ivoire is perfect for the spring. How about any of the alma epi in color for the spring? A little red or blue will be fabulous.
  3. Too bag you're not a DA fan, I find my Galleria to be the best summer bag. How about the lighter vernis bags? Alma is a great shape and you are already used to handhelds. Good luck!