Thinking of SO Epi in Popincourt...

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  1. If the Matsy I ordered from eLuxury doesn't work out for me (I'm afraid it might be too big), then I'm going to bit the bullet and SO an Epi in the Popincourt of Coussin. I am petite (5') so both work with my frame. Which will look better? Rants/Raves?

    TIA :P
  2. the popincourt may be a nice bag on your frame...but in epi? sounds interesting, i'd have to see it before I bought it.
  3. I'm having the worst time finding a black epi that fits my frame, I wanted the Segur MM but that is huge, if it was the size of my Lucille PM then it would have been perfect. I tried on the Popincourt and Coussin and they are not overwhelming for me.
  4. fyi, i enquired abt the popincourt haut in epi and damier 2 weeks ago and the guy in charge of SO in the london store told me they are not doing any SO on this bag yet. But he told me to call again in 1 or 2 mths time coz they are looking into it. Apparently, many customers have requested SO for the popincourt, esp in damier! so no harm bugging your SA so they will start the SO soon for the popincourt!
  5. A SO popincourt haut would be so beautiful.. hopefully they're just going to continue this trend of making monogram bag shapes into part of the pemanent damier line !

    And.. I just had to add, I'm also 5' ! Go short people ! ;)
  6. Thanks for the info, Muppy! Maybe I should start buggin the SA near me to see what would happen.

    Mewlicious...I mean to say Popincourt Haut...sorry that I wasn't clear...that Epi looks really nice.

    Ayla..go short people! :biggrin: I remember 10 years ago I was never into LV because the shapes were just too big for me, but after I got my Cite MM I changed my mind...they actually had purses that weren't too small.

    I also like the shape of the Coussin - would that look good in an Epi too? Or what about Damier?