Thinking of selling off my (extensive)LV collection

  1. Hello LV Gals....I have a very extensive LV collection I am thinking of selling off. This is YEARS of collecting, and with the exception of a few that I will keep (for sentimental as well as practical reasons), I may off the rest. is the secondary market for LV, and would eBay be the best place? I have loved and had a very grand affair with Louis:rolleyes:, but have become romantically attached to another! (Hermes):love:. Any thoughts out there?
  2. If you're not in a rush to sell I'd put them all on eBay as buy it nows, and sit on them. If you have some rarer pieces people will come looking. Do something too like offering a discount for multiple purchases.
  3. Ive sold most of my LVs to friends. Theres a huge secondary market out there apart from eBay. Maybe you can ask friends if they know of people who are interested to buy.
  4. yea I definitely think you have a good chance of making most of your money back on ebay...that's another thing I love about LV...if you ever decide you don't want it anymore, you can make a good chunk of money selling it. (and maybe with all the money you make you can buy a single hermes, lol! no i'm kidding...i wish i could afford hermes!)
  5. wow....

    since owning LV for about 20 years, I can't imagine doing this!!

    Are you sure you won't miss them? I'm wondering now, what other brand has cast a *spell* on you to make you leave LV ????
  6. Just a friendly reminder that there is NO buying or selling permitted here unless you have been admitted to the Marketplaza.:smile:
  7. Addy...not trying to sell anything here, just wanted some feedback as to how to go about it i.e. ebay, etc....

    travelbliss...i am under the hermes spell, with no snapping out of it in sight!!:nogood: i am keeping the "special" LV's, the ones i would miss, but really...I have so very many i do not use..
  8. ohhh, cftf,

    I was kinda swayed by an H bag (Evelyne), but for an unlined bag with a canvas strap, got me thinking, was it worth $2500 ??? And that's an entry-level H bag !!!! I compared it to the LV perfo musette (similar), but will have to see it IRL when I am in Paris. I just refuse to pay US prices for H bags....

    I totally understand your *spell*......but I think you will always come back to your first LVOE.....
  9. I agree with others. You probably would do a good job on ebay, especially with an extensive collection such as yours. Good luck!
  10. Try need to be careful though. Lots of scammers on there, especially when it comes to LV.
  11. Good luck! Don't sell any that you will regret selling later! I hope you get lots of $$$$
  12. You would get the most money on Ebay, hope that helps.
  13. xxx

    NO buying or selling permitted here unless you have been admitted to the Marketplaza - please re-read the rules
  14. I fell under the Hermes spel, I think it was a natural transition....but I still love my LVs.....mmmm. what'cha got in vernis (my new thing too)
  15. oh yeah?? whatcha got?? lol. :graucho:

    but anyways, i think the markets okay....but nothing compared to what it was a few years ago