thinking of selling my pond legacy satchel...

  1. so i'm thinking of selling this bag, which i just bought last month and have never used, to fund my new ergo tote obsession. i LOVE the color, it is so gorgeous, but the little strap that you have to flip over to get inside, plus the way it zips, kind of annoy me. i love satchels but i think i'm loving the color more than the style of this one. i really want this color in the ergo tote but i can't find one!

    just thought i should give people the opportunity to tell me i am insane for selling it. has anyone regretted it?
  2. The pond tote is online right? I saw them on the site...
  3. i tried that legacy satchel in person at macy's when they came out last winter. i definitely found that strap that goes over the zippered opening to be very annoying. it'd be so difficult for me to access my bag whenever i carried it in the crook of my arm. so i passed on it. i'd say if you're definitely not in love with it, then sell it and get something else. i think it's too expensive a bag to keep if you're not 100% loving it.
  4. I know what you mean.. it is kind of annoying.. I bought one last month too (black) and I found that if I just left it unzipped I could get my wallet and stuff in/out from the sides without having to undo the clasp everytime atleast. :rolleyes: I convinced myself of this before I bought it but I ended up returning it because it just wasn't practical for me with the weight and the price. It is beautiful though. :yes:
  5. what color ergo tote will you get??
  6. i want the ergo tote in rose! i am so excited!

  7. the patent leather??
  8. NO , don't feel bad! I just now listed a pond bag that I hated to part with because I LOVE the color soooo much but the bag is just tooooo small for me. What was I thinking, I'll never be a "small bag " girl. I stared at the submit button for literally minutes because I didn't want to give up the bag because of the color!
    It's ironic that when I came back to tpf, there was your post about the same issue and the bag in the same color POND!
    Just do it, I did! :yes:
  9. no it is pebbled leather. i posted a thread about it earlier today if you want to see a pic.
  10. thanks all...and fluffy...i hope i can do it too. i don't think i'll use it but i don't want to let go of it!
  11. :lol: Are we crazy or what?? I debated this with myself all day, sell it --keep it, and tonight I figured it's now or never! Even tho I LOVE LOVE LOVE the color, I know in my heart , I will never use the bag because of it's size! It was hard but now I'm glad it's listed and hopefully it will sell!
  12. i don't know if i can do it! i am trying to convince myself...i know i won't really use it much...
  13. Just do it, I don't regret listing my bag one bit! Think of what you'll get instead , that you will actually use!