Thinking of selling my palm springs mini

Should I sell my palm springs for the price quoted?

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Hi everyone! I’ve been thinking of selling my palm springs mini and have been trying to post it on Facebook groups. I got a quote from Fashionphile for about $1168 and Rebag for $1195 (trade in). Do you guys think this is a good price to let go of my bag? I have worn it a good amount and have had it since March 2020 (pandemic era purchase lol). There’s no marks, dents, or scratches to note!
Nov 19, 2015
I purchased my first one in 2017 in reverse. Then I ended up missing it so I purchased it again in 2020. I hate to admit that I hardly use it. But my DD did express the fact that I should save it for her and not sell it lol only reason why I don’t sell it. But if you don’t find yourself using it I think the quoted price is fair
I would keep it, at least until the next PI - it’s been almost one year since the last major PI, so it’s very likely that one will happen soon / in the next months. After that - especially if it’s a major one - you might get a better quote.
You’re right, I think I will definitely wait for the next PI before I decide to let it go