Thinking of selling my Paddington

  1. I wanted to know what you all thought was a fair price to ask. ... I used her lovingly for about 5 months ... the only flaw is that the lock is scratched which is normal for this bag with even light wear. I bought her from Bloomingdales in the Fall of 2005 for $1380 and I still have the receipt and tags. Black w/ white stiching in the classic size.

    Is eBay the best way to sell? What is a fair starting bid? Buy it now price?

    I just bought a Bottega and I need the $$$$!!

    Thanks as always!! Any opinions are appreciated!!:smile:
  2. There Is No Buying Or Selling On The Pf! Read The Rules!
  3. ^^ :hrmm: just a gentle reminder - there's no buying/selling on tPF per the forum rules.
  4. No problem...I just want to know what you experts think is a fair price. Thanks!!!!
  5. I will let this thread stay open, but I am cautioning everyone that there is absolutely no selling on the PF.
  6. I always say the best thing to do is have a look on eBay at similar age/style/condition bags, and watch them and what they finish at.

    If you start at a fair price, you are much more likely to get some bids, just remember tho, the prices are nowhere near as high as they once commanded.

    Good luck with your sale :smile:
  7. Perhaps this thread should be moved to Chloe shopping eBay forum?
  8. eBay!!!
  9. Ebay, no hurry: start with a higher than the average price.. look at the reactions, then cut the price a little bit, if needed.
    I think that authentic bags are not sold that often: it's easier to sell cheap fakes :sad:, so take your time and it will be ok!
  10. I think a starting price of $700 is fine depending on the condition of it. Sometimes when you price too high, no one bites, and when you price too low, a lot of people bid higher than what you anticipate.