Thinking of selling my new Speedy 25

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  1. A question for you all. I'm thinking of selling my Speedy 25 which is brand new and unused (as you know because I changed my mind and bought my new love - the Popincourt) Because I have less than 100 posts here, I can't post it in the marketplace. Are there other forums where I can sell? Thanks for any advice.
  2. ebay
  3. besides ebay - I sell on ebay and would rather avoid the listing fees, etc.
  4. I dont believe there are any other forums you could do this. Just keep making posts here and you will be at 100 in no time.
  5. None that I know, just eBay. Or you can have My Poupette sell it I think{?}
  6. thanks everyone - appreciate the help!
  7. ebay or just keep posting here! go go go go ! post post post!! lol
  8. that's it - i'll just keep posting over and over, lol - thanks :smile:
  9. You Just Started An Interesting Thread...You Will Be There Fast!
  10. ^Sorry...Meaning You Will Be @ 100 Posts In No Time!!!
  11. i'm sad to hear that you're selling your Speedy 25! i seriously think you should keep it - just for the fact that the Speedy is one of those staple bags and its going to be around for years and years! PLUS, i dont want you to regret selling it - 'coz i know if you'll see someone walking down the street with a bag like yours you'll go, "omg i should of kept it"

    good luck!!!
  12. I am looking to buy a Speedy 25 (My first LV) and I CAN'T purchase one from eLuxury because I am Canadian and the only other place for me to actually buy an authentic one is Holt Renfrew in Canada and that could take MONTHS!
    Could you tell me what you are selling it for, price wise I mean?
    I want one but the one I am looking to bid on is on eBay #6851569164 that's where the pics of it are anyways... the chick that won that auction is now selling it.
  13. Hi - sure I'll pm you now. Thanks.
  14. hey metro_glam vbmenu_register("postmenu_175547", true); where in Canada are you? Im in Calgary and my Holt has the Mono Speedys.
  15. Metro_glam, I'm from Vancouver and if you are really desperate for a speedy I can check the lv store for you!