Thinking of selling my Ginger

  1. Wanted to know what you all thought was a fair price to ask ... I have used her less than a dozen times ... taken extra baby care of her. Bought her right from Kooba and I believe I still have the receipt. Paid $440ish. Not a thing wrong with her. Suggestions? She is Chestnut color, I am selling b/c she is so similar in shape/color to my Marcelle and I honestly want a Bbag really bad!

    Thanks :flowers:
  2. Help me girls!
  3. Hi Cheekers.. maybe you could start it at $200? There is a black Kooba Ginger right now that is brand new (I'm not sure of its authenticity) and its starting bid is $295.00.

    You could also have a buy it now for higher, so that if someone sees your purse and really loves it, he/she can just buy it immediately without waiting for others to bid (and the chance that other people might snatch it up!).

    You take such good care of your purses -- be sure to tell them that you baby all of them! :yes:

    Good luck!
  4. Yeah I am trying to figure out a buy it now price ...
  5. check the completed threads cause i think the chestnut ones sell for higher then any of the other colors!
  6. Well now is the time to list because there is no Chesnuts up right now. If someone wants a chesnut it has to be your bag. I'd start at 199.00 but definitely put a BIN of.......300? There was one Chesnut ended that sold for 300 BIN. Hmmmm...or you could list it in a straight auction, no bidding for 300 with best offers allowed.
  7. Thanks girls!