thinking of selling my classic flap

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  1. Basically, I got the classic lambskin flap in medium earlier this year, and I paid around $2800. I've only used it a few times and I'm contemplating selling it.. My question is, how much do you think I should be letting it go for?
  2. Hi and welcome to the Purse Forum!

    You may want to check the completed listings on eBay to see what they have been selling for.

    Please note that selling/buying/trading here is not permitted as per tPF rules.
  3. yes i am aware that that is not allowed, ty =]

    and how would i go about seeing completed listings? i'm not much of an ebay person =b
  4. Good luck!!!
  5. You can log on to ebay and do a search for "Chanel bag" and you can look for bags similar to yours and see what they are selling for. You can also inquire at consignment shops or through resellers.
  6. Do a search for "Chanel Flap" bags by typing in the search box. This can give u a current sense of how similar bags are priced.

    Next you need to look at the left side of the page and look for an option "Completed Listings". Select this option and search "Chanel Flap" again for similar bags which were sold recently.

    Classic Medium Flap bags usually hold their value with minimal depreciation. How u price it also depends how fast you want it to go as well.

    Remember to take lots of pics-front, back, sides, underside, inside, hardware, CC closure, authenicity card and hologram with authenicity number. Be truthful in your description. If u hv the receipt with u, it will really help as well.

    Good luck :smile:
  7. Perhaps after making such an investment, you should ponder whether or not to let this piece go. I don't know your age or lifestyle but personally I have found the medium lamb, especially in black, is so versatile a purse that transitions so well from day to evening. Lifestyles change but the flap has stood up to the test of time, form and function. Just my 2 cents.
  8. Why would you sell such a classic bag? I guess if you're set on it, I would check ebay or you could consign out to some of the reputable sellers: fashionphile, personalshoppers, anns fabulous finds, etc
  9. If you want help with navigating eBay, try posting in our eBay forum and there are lots of tPFers that will assist you

    For this question, do an "advanced search" and select "completed listings only"
  10. I agree, I would never sell a classic bag. But we don't know the OP and her circumstances - I know I've given up bags I didn't really want to in order to fund other needs. But I could never part with any of my Chanels, particularly something as timeless and chic as a flap.
  11. I totally agree. I would keep it. It is a classic piece.
  12. thx to everyone for replying about the ebay thing, i figured it out =]

    i do looove this bag but i'm letting it go because the leather is just wayy too delicate for me, and knowing me, i know if i keep it it'll be torn apart in no time lol. plus, i have long nails which makes it extra difficult for me to handle it delicately when i'm out~

    well i could re-purchase it if i want it again in the future, right? look at me trying to make myself feel better =[ lol i should have gotten the caviar!