Thinking of selling my Cerises Speedy


Feb 22, 2006
Still thinking about it as it took so long to get this and it's a collectors item, but I'm wanting a Balenciaga more at this point :weird: What do you all think? Figured I'd check if anyone here was interested before I posted in the Marketplace. I also have a marshmallow vernis reade PM like new that might be going too :love:
Twinklette, i dont think Vlad is going to let you post in The Marketplace if you don't have an active ebay auction going. Fortunately, ebay is having a discount in fixed price listing today. Its just 10 cents!! for any fixed price listing. So take that opportunity today.
However, i would keep the speedy though. Balenciaga style is all the same. but the cerises speedy is just one!
I think you should consider selling, because you will get more than retail for it, and there is a large number of people that will jump on one. You'd be able to buy a b-bag with that money, and maybe that will just work out better for you !