Thinking of selling my Cerises Speedy

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  1. Still thinking about it as it took so long to get this and it's a collectors item, but I'm wanting a Balenciaga more at this point :weird: What do you all think? Figured I'd check if anyone here was interested before I posted in the Marketplace. I also have a marshmallow vernis reade PM like new that might be going too :love:
  2. Someone should jump on it soon :smile: So many people were looking. Allison in particular I think :smile:
  3. Twinklette, i dont think Vlad is going to let you post in The Marketplace if you don't have an active ebay auction going. Fortunately, ebay is having a discount in fixed price listing today. Its just 10 cents!! for any fixed price listing. So take that opportunity today.
    However, i would keep the speedy though. Balenciaga style is all the same. but the cerises speedy is just one!
  4. Agreed! Keep that speedy!
  5. Hi I pmd you!
  6. Oh keeep the cerises!!!
  7. yeah, keep the speedy!! i just bought 1 the other day, pre-owned and it cost me a lot for a speedy :biggrin:
  8. i just wanted to say, i think you should keep the speedy... after all they're not making anymore of them! Just save more pennies for the b-bag!
  9. Keep the speedy! It's hard to find now and the speedy shape is classic.
  10. i agree. keep it!!
  11. I think you should consider selling, because you will get more than retail for it, and there is a large number of people that will jump on one. You'd be able to buy a b-bag with that money, and maybe that will just work out better for you !
  12. If you are not happy with it now and have not used it I would sell it now while you can get a good price for it.
  13. I'm definitely selling so PM me if interested ok? I posted more pictures in the marketplace. Considering ALL offers as I just really want to sell and avoid ebay :love:
  14. Hi

    I am looking to purchase a cerises speedy. I was too slow to get on any waiting list and they are hard to get hold of. WOuld you consider shipping to the UK?
  15. dont sell it because it is a collectors thing so you should keep it.