Thinking Of Selling My ~Brand New~ *Never Used* Non Metallic Anthracite Chloe Paddy

  1. What do you think ladies. The $$$ is high demand for high medical bills. Would you be interrested or know anyone who would??:weird:
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  2. Should I move this to WTB?

    It's swanky!
  3. Ooh:Push: Did I list this wrong? Im Sorry:shame:
  4. If you want to sell it, it has to be in WTS. I just wasn't sure if you're looking to sell it or getting opinions on if you should sell it or not.

  5. Hi Swanky:nuts:
    I am actually just getting opinions right now. Although I did make a separate listing in WTB earlier but havent seen it yet:blink:
  6. K!

    Really? Weird, lemme go see . . .
  7. It's beautiful! I am sure it would sell...but would you regret it later?
  8. Well,
    Its not something I really want to do, but under the circumstances, I really have to right now. But I will be back with more bags again one day! :smile:
  9. Sorry to hear that it must go...but I am sure someone will be happy to give it a good home!
  10. It's so purty! It's in WTS now!
  11. Your Paddy is beautiful! Sorry to hear of your troubles:worried:. I hope someone will give her a loving home soon. Good to see you haven't lost your sense of humour or good attitude:amuse:.