Thinking of selling my Blanc shopping tote

  1. Don't get me wrong I love, love, love this bag but am not using it. I just love to look at her. The first time I used it I scratched the leather against a manky hedge - right on the front pocket D'oh! My husband bought it for me for our 10th anniversary, but neither of us are terribly sentimental so I have no problems getting rid of her.

    Anyway, I was in a Chanel store on Saturday and fell head over heels with the black classic flap. This is a seriously long-term keeper of a bag and probably more of an anniversary present (to me). My husband thinks it's too expensive and I don't want to wait until November (b'day) to buy one.

    I can't stop thinking about this beautiful bag. Do you think I should sell the tote and buy this?

    Any thoughts? TIA!!!! *mwuh, mwuh, mwuh* - the dutch do 3 kissy's
  2. I looked up your blanc pics with your kitties!! (can I buy one of them??!!) Yes, if you think you're not going to use the bag then sure, try to sell and get the Chanel! The blanc shopper is still available from NM online so you might have to drop the price a bit to compete, or just wait a bit because I imagine they will sell out soon.
  3. I definetely think you should sell if your feeling like this. I dont any sellers remorse it this situation. Sounds like true love at the Chanel Boutique. Go for it girl!
  4. Yes Cal! get the Chanel flap for sure...sounds like you really want it!
  5. Oh, I don't mind dropping the price and will seriously consider popping one of the kitties in (for free!), I'm just not sure if there's much of a market out there for this bag. I was thinking maybe to sell for US$1400 inc. shipping. That should get me close to Chanel. My problem is that I'm impatient and can't wait until later this year for a birthday present and definitely can't wait until this bag sells out. So if anyone's interested, PM me!
  6. You should post in WTS w/ pics!
  7. I know Swanky, I'm going to post it there (with pics), just still only 98% that I want to part with her....

    Sorry :sad:
  8. ahhh, good luck w/ your decision!
  9. I think the shopping tote is gaining steam with board members - there's definitely a market!
  10. I love the blanc color. Why aren't you using yours? It's funny because ET would say the same thing about her blanc pocket. Loves to look at it on the shelf, but not getting around to using it. I was wondering what your reasons were and if they were the same. Is it the weather, has it not been warm enough? It's a gorgeous bag but if you're not using it due to other reasons, I would sell it.

    Good luck! It's such a beautiful bag!
  11. It's not the weather - I did use it a month or so ago. I just feel it's too much for me (yeah, right, as opposed to a Chanel!). I can't explain it, I'm just in love with another bag. My other bags are Balenciaga and they suit me really well, size wise. I'm pretty sure I won't have sellers remorse over this, I do love the bag, but hate to see her whittling away on the shelf.

    As I've said, I'm sooooo impatient (and flighty, it seems) that I want to get this Chanel soon. God know's what'll happen if I get sick of one of my children! Lol.
  12. As we both are on a no-bag policy so I'd say sell/exchange it for something you love. It doesn't make much sense not to use it and you wanting another bag. I actually don't regret it a minute that I sold my LVs for my Gaucho. So go Chanel!!
  13. You're not flighty - we all question our purchases and have buyers remorse! :biggrin: It makes no sense to keep something you're not using so I say sell it and get the Chanel if it suits you better.
  14. Cal - I would definitely sell it then and get the bag you're dreaming about. I tend to be rather flighty with handbags, but I don't think you're being so at all. There are some bags that are simply aesthetically pleasing but not as great to carry around.

    Good luck, sweets! I think your kids are safe for now. :o)
  15. I'm sure I've decided to sell her, I guess I'm looking for someone to talk me out of it. Anyhoo, I'm going to sleep on it and list it in the morning (unless I have some amazing psychic dream telling me otherwise).

    Thanks for your help ladies!