Thinking of selling my blanc Paddy......

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  1. would I regret it? Thinking of getting a YSL Muse and don't want to have too many white bags. What is your opinion on YSL Muse vs Chloe Paddington Classic?
  2. I LOVE my blanc paddy! It's so versatile dressy and casual, and I think it's a classic. To me the Muse is much more structured and kinda business like, if you know what I mean. It's really which style YOU like more and which fits you better! Good luck!
  3. You're sooo right. I'm more of a casual, slouchy bag girl, ehnce b-bags and chloe. I think I will pass on the muse. :biggrin:

    Thanks for your insight!
  4. I don't know why all the fuss about the Muse. I think that is the most boring, stuffy looking bag ever. Definitely keep the Paddington!
  5. I'm in agreement. The Muse does not excite me at all. Ok, maybe the chocolate colour is nice, but just the colour, not the bag, lol. I love that kind of rich choc.

    Getting back on track, hehe, I'd vote to keep the Paddy.
  6. ok, paddy is staying!!! :biggrin: i think i will get bored of the muse easily....
  7. keep the paddy! you'd kick yourself for getting rid of it. It's such a gorgeous color!
  8. guess im in the minority, i love the muse in white. in fact i've targeted it as my next purchase....but i don't have a white bag. only ivory...
  9. Hmmm...I sold my black, I say keep the paddy! It is much easier and more comfortable to carry.
  10. I had the Muse oversized in white. I didn't like the color of the white. It had a yellow tint in it and it just seemed off. I'm much more interested in the Paddy.
  11. I prefer the McQueen Novak myself :smile: