Thinking of selling my BH and getting a

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  1. Monogram neverful. Thoughts ?
  2. I vote NO. I think the BH is useful and attractive. :idea: Perhaps wait for the Damier version, and get that as a alternative?
  3. No don't! Wait for the Damier or Damier Azur. The BH is a classic bag.
  4. I also own the BH and love it for work and interviews. Its the perfect size and shape for the office. I find the neverfull to be sort of casual....reminds me of a beach tote.
  5. ack no! keep BH!! I'm actually thinking of selling my NF and get a BH. Maybe we can swap... LOL... just kidding!!
  6. i vote no as well ... i think that the BH is roomy, but it has that extra structure that the neverfull doesn't have. both are great bags, don't get me wrong, but i think that the BH has some good qualities that the neverfull lacks. JMHO!

    why are you thinking of making the switch?
  7. I'd keep the BH!
  8. Wow, everyone seems to say it keep it. I've been contemplating on selling mine too, to help fund for a galleria or tivoli.

    I say sell I just see too many of the BH's around. Good luck with your decision.
  9. I totally vote no. Structure of the BH is so much better than the neverful IMO.... I'd like the neverful, but just for casual wear, can't compete with the BH imo... again,,,,hee...
  10. If you're sure you must have the Neverfull...then I say sell your BH. I'm in a similar situation right now. I decided to list my Trevi Pm on Ebay in order to purchase the Trevi GM. I gave it a lot of thought though and even went to the boutique to try on the GM so I'm 100% convinced. If you're sure about the Neverfull, you should go ahead and sell your BH. :yes:
  11. I wouldn't sell the BH for a neverfull. But I'd sell the BH for a TIVOLI GM :graucho:
  12. I would never by the neverfull - looks cheap to me. Keep the BH!
  13. Thats def a personal decision....I love the BH. Its got more structure than the neverfull but only you know if you'd use the neverfull more. I am contemplating getting the damier neverfull when its available here but I've always loved the BH. Sorry if Im not much help!!:shrugs:
  14. like others have said before not sell the BH...and wait for the the damier neverfull which I think will be release sometime early 2009. I have the BH also and I use it everyday and I'm also waiting for the damier neverfull.
  15. But see that reminds me of a speedy and I think have it and a speedy is to much the same.