Thinking of selling my 05' Indigo Twiggy

  1. Not totally sure, but it has been a serious thought lately:idea: . I am also open to a twiggy or city trade depending on color. Im not even sure which color Im into right now. But I definetely know I DO NOT want: black, gray, ink (already have) or any browns (dont like brown) I am open to all other suggestions. Just let me know what you think:biggrin:

    Just wanted to add:
    Im getting lots of pms for trades other than B-bags. I am just not interested in any thing else. Please if it isnt a Balenciaga Twiggy or City, Im just wont interrested. So sorry Hope you will understand. I am just a total Bbag addict! Thanks!
    DSC03355.JPG DSC03356.JPG DSC03461.JPG
  2. Indigo is such beautiful color. The best of the blues IMO.. plus with it's luscious, thick and distress leather.. you'll regret it.
    It's up to you though.. you'll definetely have no problem selling or trading for. If you decide to trade.. I wouldn't settle for newer colors.. go for the classic, like seafoam, turquoise 04,05, eggplant, lilac, rose;)
  3. i don't know much about bbags (i have only three but in neutral colors) but I really like this color. i would hold on to it. i don't think it is a color that you will get tired of... ever.
  4. Thanks:love: I was thinking along the same line as you;)
  5. I don't think I could part with that one if I were you. It's absolutely gorgeous! You could end up with a serious case of seller's remorse!
  6. Oh no, really? Do you not like the color anymore? I still love my indigo hobo! I think the twiggy's pretty, why are you letting go of her so soon?
  7. Oh this is sad! I love the indigo! I think it is a great shade of blue! but if you're not loving it, then I understand! I hope you find something you can't live without!
  8. 0o0o0o, i seriously think you should keep this wonderful colour!!! i mean, its one of the old colours etc... so it would probably be hard to find later on (thats if you decide you want another b-bag in this colour) but blue any shade of blue ... is great! its my favourite colour of all time!
    can i ask why you've been thinking about selling it??? hehehe!
  9. Oh no, its not that I dont love the color anymore. Im just always looking for a change, and when I have made a decission to do that, luckily I dont get sellers remorse:biggrin:
  10. kimmie nooooooo...the color is TDF!!!!!! keep the bag:love: :love:

    btw, I pm'd you about something...
  11. i think you should keep the bag too! its gorgeous!
  12. The bag is beautiful and hard to find. IF you have doubts you should just keep it.:love: