Thinking of selling denim tote and getting...?

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  1. So I am thinking of selling my Denim Signature Stripe Tote... I bought it at PCE for like $223. But I have hardly used it and when I did I felt it was too small.

    I am going to sell it on eBay and then hopefully buy either a GIGI at a good price off eBay or the denim signature stripe shoulder tote! There are a ton on eBay...

    Does anyone have this shoulder tote and is it like as big as the large carly? I'm looking for something that size...

    Which should I get- look for a cheap GIGI or get the sig shoulder tote?
  2. I like the shoulder tote better. I love the way it looks more than the gigi. The gigi seems really, really big. Depends on how big of a bag you need though and if you prefer leather over the denim siggie. Both are nice bags though!
  3. I like both, but the shoulder tote is maybe more practical. I saw it recently at my Macy's for $267. It's maybe slightly narrower than lg. Carly.
  4. I really like the detail of the shoulder tote, but it's really saggy when the handles flop over. It's definitely larger than the regular sized tote! Dillards has quite a few for 25% off and the last Wed of the month they usually put an extra 30% off their clearance...I'd check in next week. Or there is another post on tPF that announced Nordies has their Gigi's on clearance. Good luck!!
  5. I vote for the's such an iconic Coach bag and the leather and legacy stripe lining are gorgeous and distinctive....I bet you could find some good deals on eBay right now...good luck!
  6. shoulder tote!! it is 267 at macys like someone said!!
  7. I just bought a chocolate sig shoulder tote off of ebay. Its a great bag! I vote for the shoulder tote! :yes: