Thinking of selling all my Chloes in favor of Balenciaga. Am I an idiot?

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  1. I have 3 paddys, (red, anthracite, and whiskey). I also have 7 Balenciaga (3 cities, 3 hobos, twiggy). I just can't seem to carry my paddys since I got so addicted to my Bbags. Will I have major regret if I sell?
  2. why dont you keep your favourite one or something? then you can have best of both worlds.. just an idea :P i dont think i could ever sell any of my bags
  3. You have to do what makes YOU happy. If you like Balenciaga better, go for it. I have a paddy, but I definitely use my B a lot more, too. I like how the B bags are lighter in weight and I think they're so chic.
  4. How about giving it a month? To see which bags you actually end up using.
  5. Wow! Why not try parting with one paddy ( the color you don't use as much) and see if you can survive. If you can, maybe try selling another one.

    I would love to own a paddy...sigh...someday!
  6. I would keep one paddy and sell threst to buy what you really love. I'm a B-bag addict as well but I do love my paddy but I just have one and that's enough for me.
  7. I actually have given it the entire summer so far. Maybe I should sell my anthra and red. I think they are m least faves. I love red, but I find this paddy is too orangy-red, not enough blue-red (like the 05 Bbag red).

    Does anyone else find selling bags just too consuming? It actually gives me a headache.
  8. If you think they're your least favorites and that the money could be better used for something you DO like, then I'd do it! Don't keep something you don't even use now just because you think you'll regret it later.
  9. I agree! Don't hang on to something you don't use.
  10. Like already mentioned, get rid of the ones you don't use, but be sure to keep at least one paddy.:yes:
  11. selling bags is really time-consuming, imho... i really don't like doing it unless i absolutely have to.
    i'd keep your paddys and see if you truly don't like the paddys anymore. then decide if you want to sell.
  12. IMO - i think you should keep your most FAVOURITE Chloe and sell the rest to fund new and exciting B-bag colours!!! :wlae:
  13. i'm a b-bag girl... and i say u'll sell 2 of your paddy, but keep one of your favourite