Thinking of selling a few of my bags on ebay

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  1. I dont know if there is a section here for advice, but I've never sold on eBay before. I'm a registered buyer w/100% positive feedback. I have several older bags in really great condition that I know I just wont ever use but its such a shame for them to sit there just to be part of my "collection"! Any tips/advice would be appreciated. I know to show photos of the creed, be specific with any minor imperfections, etc. If you do sell and make money, does it go through paypal? Can you use the money in paypal to purchase things not on eBay (say at the Coach store?!) I just need some general guidance I guess. Thank you very much - I appreciate the help!
  2. Once an item is paid for using PayPal you can have it transferred to your bank account.:tup:
  3. runner22 you beat me to it! :smile:
  4. Oh ok good. I thought maybe I could only use that $$ on ebay. Thanks Deborah.
  5. Thanks Starry and Runner. I'll be spending some time on that link later!!! I appreciate you both taking the time to link it for me!!
  6. Yes, you can also leave it in your paypal account and use it for coach items on ebay!!
  7. I am a long-time eBay seller and all I can say is that you need to be really careful and if you accept Paypal, make sure you follow their rules so that you are protected by the Seller Protection Policy. Only ship to confirmed Paypal addresses and use delivery confirmation and/or another tracking and delivery confirmation service. Also, make sure to use big clear photos of your bags in your listing. Bad photos will decrease your winning bids - guaranteed. Also, something new that's coming down the pike is that sellers can no longer leave negative feedback for buyers. I don't sell as much as I used to and I plan on selling even less in the future.

    Good luck!
  8. Why even bother having buyer "feedback" if it can only be positive?
  9. I agree. I just saw this "change" yesterday and I don't understand it at all. I've been thinking of selling a bag or two but now I'm hesitant.
  10. I have one more bag to sell and then I'm probably done with Ebay.
  11. I think it's to cut back on retalitory (sp?) feedback. I bought something awhile ago in less than perfect condition as stated in their auction and left neutral feedback for the seller. Then they left negative feedback against me just to get me back (I paid immediately).

    I think they should allow the ability to leave negative feedback only in situations where you have a non-paying bidder.
  12. I think that's why they are doing it to but it defeats the purpose of feedback. You should be able to let people know that the person might have paid but they were a pain in the butt or something. I went over to the Ebay section of this forum and there are some pretty poignant examples of why they shouldn't change this.
  13. Oh jeez really? I'll probably pass then. I'm just too old for all of the drama!!!
    I'll probably give them away then. I gave two last year to my sons' best friends Mom - she's just a kid and they dont have $$. I'll probably just give her these as well. She uses them ALL the time and shows me that shes taking good care of them. She's too cute!