Thinking of quitting

  1. I just joined this forum a few days ago. I asked for advice, and got some and also engaged in discussion with many menbers of the forum...nice comments, intelligent ideas, great feedback on questions. I also bought myself a handbag which suited my purposes and which I really liked. handbag is a Dooney.

    I've spent a while (after purchasing my bag) reading other posts on this blog by people who have other kinds of handbags about Dooneys - and those posts make me feel really bad about my handbag. I've lost a great deal of the pleasure I received from that purchase. Most of you must understand that purchases do give you pleasure, and I felt that it was taken away from me,somehow.

    I am in no way blaming the people who post on this forum. It's their opinion. It's just that I don't feel I belong among the Chanels, the LVs and the Fendis and should take my sorry Dooney and go far, far away from here.
  2. What all of us share here on this forum is a love for bags. So, please stay and let us share in the joy of your handbags whatever they may be. The main thing is that your purchases make you happy and nobody will take that away from you.
  3. I don't think you should go. We all have different taste, but we all try to be respectful of everyone's taste.
  4. please dont go..... honestly i did feel a little intimidated when i just joined, but it all went away. trust me... there are a lot of nice ladies in here.
  5. Hi medhavini, please don't go. Enjoy your D&B handbag, please try not to let others' comments bother you too much.
  6. Don't leave, it just gets better and better on here! You may even find hath your tastes change over time....I started out on tPF with a hot pink multicolor Dooney, and loved it to death, bt now I have a Louis Vuitton. There are plenty of people on here who like all different purse brands-- Hermes, Coach, LV, Dooney, Chloe, Fendi....all of them. Reconsider your decision, if you stay you'll love it!!
  7. Medhavini,

    I know there have been comments bashing D&B, but as long as YOU like it that's all that really matters. Who knows? There may be other closet D&B fans out there who will post about their bag they like too. :yes:
  8. Yeah maybe D&B could get their own forum :smile:
  9. don't leave the forum just coz others do not share the same thoughts and feelings about D&B.. it is your bag and if it makes you happy, no one can really take that away from you.......
  10. Don't leave! Although I only have one Dooney, I started a thread a long time ago about who had a D& turns out a lot of us do! I think D&B is very well-made. I'll try to find the thread, if I can (it's kinda old)...but don't go!
  11. Please don't leave! You're not the only one who longs for more bag diversity on this board! I'm happy for you, if your happy with your purchase. Rose is right, what we share is a love of bags. I'm so hungry for threads about something other than LV sometimes!
    Please stick with it awhile longer!!
  12. Don't go! Really Dooney should have it's own thread!
  13. Miss medhavini, I am also new, so please allow me to share my own perspective.

    I take the forum at its name: The Purse Forum. To me, that means it's for people who like purses. Some people like a particular brand, others like another, personally, I could care less what brand it is, I just like purses. I like the ones I like, for the shape, for the color, right now I especially like quilted ones, with chain straps.

    Because I'm poor, I am particularly drawn to very cheap ones. Like under $20 cheap. I could care less whether and if by whom they are Inspired or not Inspired. If I buy a purse, it is because I like it, and because I can see it as a fabulous element of at least a few outfits composed of items I already have in my closet.

    You bought your bag because you liked it. Please think through what you are saying. It sounds to me as if you are consciously choosing to empower other people to take away from you the pleasure of something that you like!

    I've read some of your posts, and I don't think that goes with you at all. You strike me as far too intelligent, far too together to even consider such a thing.

    Let's assume that you are right, and there are more people on the forum that prefer different brands of bags than you do, have more money than you do, etc.

    So what? That does not change who you are, it does not change what you like, and the argument could be made that if your impressions of the forum are in fact correct, that this is all the more reason that you should stay, and help it achieve even greater fabulousness through diversity!

    It's an internet forum about purses. You like purses, it's a good place for you!

  14. You know, that's almost the same reason I rarely posted. I am a member since last year but left because back then the only bags being discussed were Chanel, LV, Gucci and other higher brands. It's very, very rare to even see a post about Coach! It just felt so out of my league. But when I returned I am surprised and happy to see that the forum evolved and there are posts about mid to lower end brands.

    Maybe you should rethink. There are much more members now and I am sure the forum will get more members with diverse tastes. Just ignore the "snobs" :-S.