Thinking of purchasing my first BV, a little help please?

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  1. I've been a Balenciaga and Chloe gal up until now so I'm not new to designer bags, just BV.

    I'd like to start off with a gently used, lower priced bag, just to be sure it's my type, not too heavy, ect... So I've been looking at eBay and thinking this might work:

    The triangle purse. I can't find any info on it. Does anyone know what year? What type of leather? Spper soft and slouchy? Is this a good shoulder bag? I want to wear it over my shoulder but not in my armpit.

  2. I'm not sure of the year, but I do remember seeing them in the store a few years ago, maybe 2003, 2004?? Actually, I saw a lady with one a couple of months ago and it looked great. She was using it as a shoulder bag, but I didn't notice how tight it fit under her arm.
  3. It was definitely in the F/W 2004 collection since I happen to have the catalogue and it`s in there. I think there have been several sizes though! But all of them should fit well under your shoulder. Perhaps it`s a little bit more structured than other BVs and therefore has stiffer leather, but please don`t quote me on that, it`s just a guess!