Thinking of purchasing a python handbag

  1. Hello everyone,

    I'm seriously thinking of purchasing a python to add to my collection.

    Any ideas?

    Are they difficult to keep new looking?

    Any suggestions would be great!
  2. i LOVE LOVE the chloe pyhton in silverado :drool:
    the pyhton is sooo soft but very strong!
    i def. recommend that :yes:


  3. I have a python Jimmy choo and it is the most stunning bag I have. It wears very well. I used it almost everyday for a year. Behind my green bag you can sort of see a brown bag, that one is also python by mulberry. Saks and Neimans have a great exotic section. I love exotic skins

    here is a pic
    IMG_9482.jpg IMG_9483.jpg
  4. candace,
    Your JC is BEAUTIFUL!
  5. Also, this Ferragamo python bag just popped up on

  6. Chanel has a few gorgeous ones. The totes are great, but the Flap is really much more stunning IRL, came in lots of colors.
  7. I too have a chloe silverado python in black.
    It's absolutely gorgeous......and so much softer than one would think.,...
    I wish I had pics uploaded to show you......
  8. Bottega and Chanel do very well. I've heard complaints from friends about the python silverado Chloe bag- the 'scales' will fold up!
  9. OMG. That Chloe is TDF. It is one sexy beast of a bag!! Gorgeous as hell!
  10. Ooh! Ooh! What are the dimensions of that? I found one on eBay at 18" L, ahh too big.

    I'm glad for that because I don't want to tempt myself. Month-long purse ban!