thinking of picking this up this weekend..

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  1. what do you think of this looped on a jeans belt loop when I need to be hands free?

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  2. Thats the one I want, but in black. Actually I want both but I will settle for a black....... They are soooo nice in person, a bit smaller than the usual wristlets.
  3. very cute!
  4. That is really pretty!
  5. I'm hoping this'll make me forget about the signature one.. LOL, but I've always liked this, and thinking maybe its time to take the plunge and get it!
  6. Good choice Aarti! This wristlet is tdf! :heart:
  7. get it! it's gorgeous (and SUCH a blending of signature and leather! you can have both now!)
  8. I love it - it reminds me of guccisima (sp?) anyways, I always loved the look from Gucci and was so excited when I saw Coach had something similar...
  9. I think it's very nice! Get it if you like it! :yes:
  10. Very cute! I want that wristlet too.
  11. thanks girls! I'll have picts by next week then!
  12. so cuuutttee!! i really like that style too combination of signature and leather
  13. Amazing is the only word I can think the color too!
  14. lol looks like evryone else commented on how great it looks [which i agree with] but as far as hooping it to a jean loop? hmmm never seen it done, however depending on the situation of needing your hands free, sure why not.

    i find my girlfriends who has their mini skinny, should invest in buying a wristlet and using that technique ... since they did one night at a club do that very thing with a miniskinny =)
  15. ^^LOL I do that all the time with my mj key pouch!