Thinking of ordering these as a casual shoe

  1. any opinions on the style?

  2. I'm not really a fan, but if you like them and can rock them, go for it!!
  3. Sorry, not my cup of tea... But if you like them - go for it!
  4. No likey either.
  5. What about the black? Do they look about equally bad? I'm looking for a pair of clogs, and I found these. Any other recommendations?

  6. They look way better in black
  7. no offense, but i dont like them either way. their a bit clunky for me but if you like em go for it!
  8. sorry but i'm not a huge fan

    that being said though I know everyone has their own style. i've certainly gotten shoes before that other people have said they are not a fan of.
  9. I like clogs w/ jeans, but I don't love those.
    I wish I could recommend some cute ones, they're very hip in Dallas w/ jeans. I have a cute brown suede pair w/ turquoise fringe {don't laugh} from Mystique. maybe Google them?
  10. I'm totally digging those! Love the seventies vibe, the first pair would look awesome with flarey jeans.....they remind me of some my mum had when I was a kid......LOVE it!
  11. I tried Swank, but I can't seem to find them. I got a lot of hits on a Dansko clog called Mystique?

  12. I also thinks clogs can be really cute with a pair of boyfriend jeans and a hoodie for going out for wekend breakfasts. My hubby loves this look.

    I have two pair of Dansko clogs, and I love them. The clogs pictured don't do much for me. Sorry!
  13. one of the other Mommies at a b-day party I went to yesterday looked really cute! She was wearing cool brown suede clogs w/ crewel work flowers on them, I loved them!
  14. I like the color black, looks elegant...