Thinking of my next Birkin ... what do you think of natural barenia/toile combo?

  1. Okay, I've been pundering about my next Birkin.

    I actually ordered a Birkin at the last podium, but decided to cancel it because I thought that I might not be happy with it in the long run.

    Anyway, for my next Birkin, I'm thinking of something a bit more interesting ... what do you think about the natural barenia/toile combination?

    I've heard of so many nice things about barenia such as durability, patina and that it ages really well. The only concern about are the handles darkening over time. Could the darkening be removed a bit with spa treatment? What about rain?

    For those who have owned toile bags for a long time, does it also refurbish well? I have a GP in natural toile w/ dark brown leather but I've only had it for less than a year so I have no experience with aging. What if all of a sudden I get jeans stains ... am I a gonner? I also heard that toile combo Birkins have toile bottoms.

    Maybe natural barenia/toile would also be too similar to my gold clemence Birkin?

    Please let me know your thoughts.

    TIA! :yes:
  2. I love toile combo birkins especially Barenia !!
    I just got mine not too long ago (not Toile, denim though) so I can't share much..but have heard many nice things on Barenia, as for the Toile, I have the Herbag from 4 years ago which is not that hard to maintain :smile:
  3. ^^Thanks! Your JPG barenia/denim looks great! It's also good that the bottom seems to be barenia also.

    I wonder if you can get barenia bottom for the barenia/toile Birkins?
  4. Hi LaVan,
    I have this combo in a Birkin 35, except my leather is black. The toile is a bit of a pain to keep clean. I had to send it in and hopefully I'll get it back this week. The bottom is also toile but not on the edges, there is a strip of leather where the protective feeting are. Not really an everyday purse, but looks so nice for spring! I was told by another Pfer that I could put some stain guard on the toile, but I'm afraid of doing something wrong. Hope this helps.
  5. La Van, heres a pic from the "Asians with Birkins" thread. This is actually what won me over to get this combo. You can see the bottom of the purse, its toile and leather.
  6. LaVan, I was told that there's not much that can be done to reverse the darkening. Except to get the rest of the bag dark to match the handles.
  7. LaVan......One thing about Barenia is that the spa can only do so much....Once it starts to patina, that's it. I have a 6-year old Barenia Trim that has seen a lot of life, took it to the spa and it came back exactly the same. They did give it a nice drink though so the leather remains lovely. I've been caught in a slight rain and while it did darken my bag, it dissapeared when dry.

    I think these toile/Barenia Birkins are gorgeous. I just received a vintage 28cm toile/Marine Box Kelly from 1965 and the toile on this bag is 40-years old and still looking GREAT! Can't find a thing wrong with it!

    So, I think if you can live with the handles darkening on the Barenia/toil Birkin, I think it would be a gorgeous bag to own!!!!
  8. Thank you so much simplyprincess, HG, SM!!! It's really very helpful.

    Okay, so if I decide on this combo I have to live with the fact that the handles with darken and that the bag will age naturally. With toile, I'm still wondering if the spa can remove jeans stains. Otherwise, then I'm stuck not wearing jeans lol!

    Question: I know that you can rub off scratches in barenia, but if they're a bit big (not deep, just normal) and in the middle of the bag, can you also do that? I assume then that the barenia will also absorb the oils in your hand. Will this also mark?
  9. Well, LaVan, I rub the scratches with my hand and it does work. It's less effective when my hands are dry. Basically, it has the effect of re-oiling the bag, which when done for a long amount of time, will also darken the leather.

    Also, the toile can clean up pretty well by Hermes from what I've seen them do. I'm not saying that everything can come out, but you'd be surprised what they can do in their little work stations.
  10. Thanks HG!!!

    I wonder if dark brown barenia in toile combo have the same appeal as natural barenia? I have a dark brown barenia belt but since it's dark I don't see any darkening or problems lol!
  11. Ebene? Probably so.
  12. To me the natural Barenia appeal the most, so much characters with the leather !
    I have a Barenia bracelet in Barenia too that it is so dark I can rarely see any dent or scratch.
  13. ^^Yeap! The only thing I realize is that the leather stretches ... okay, maybe because it's a belt.

    Okay, with the natural barenia/toile combo, the bottom is toile except where the feet are. But are the sides barenia or toile?
  14. Natural barenia does have a lot of character ... mmm ... this combo is growing on me! :yes:
  15. Ebene barenia is great as it has all those wonderful barenia qualities but is not as subject to all those darkening issues, but it just doesn't have the same character as natural barenia.