thinking of moving.. anyone know anything about

  1. Ithaca NY? I'm moving by this time next year, and looking towards places like Boston- which would be my number 1 hope, but if that doesn't work out I have may have an opportunity in Connecticut or Mass. But I've spent many summers in both places, but have never been up in upstate new york, only NYC, which may be another offer. Those who live there or have been there, how do you like it? Any good places to shop nearby LOL?
  2. Ithaca is very nice. I've only been there to visit friends at college... but from what I saw, it seemed like a great place to live
  3. Ithaca is a beautiful place, but very much a college town. No real shopping nearby...I lived in Upstate New York for many years (Albany and even farther north.) The weather can be quite miserable in the winter due to the lake. It is very far from NYC - in more ways than just distance. It is actually quite rural. I would suggest a trip, if you can.
  4. Yea.. it's definitely NOT city like at all...
  5. ^^Yeah thats my main apprehension, living near the city all my life. Thanks all!
  6. I like Ithica! It reminds me of my own college town.