thinking of...Marc by Marc Jacobs (?)


Dec 29, 2005
hey guys, I was considering this bag:


as an all-purpose tote around. I'm looking for something inexpensive (under $400) and medium-to-large-sized (not TOO large) to haul my daily junk to work and perform various other errands with me. I'm not really interested in Coach, though, unless it's an amazing bag. I really liked alot of the Marc bags I've seen online but I haven't seen them in real life anywhere. So if anybody has this bag (someone said they did in another thread I think?) or has a really cute tote bag like this, or has a really cute bag with the characteristics I mentioned, can you post some pics of it?
It's cute, but I swear someone on the forum had purchased it a while back in white, and it really wasn't what they expected. Then again, it is very possible that I am just crazy and the post/discussion never happened :weird: .